Monday, October 21, 2013

Arrival in Georgia Land

Dear Family,
     It has been an interesting week, I actually like the weather here and I am cold a lot of the time especially in our sketchy apartment.... We are "white-washing" a new area, so we have to start completely from scratch. There are no records or anything, they have never had sisters here before. The flight was so cool, I wasn't scared at all and it was fun! I can just sit in a chair 37,000 feet in the sky and take a nap. This world is amazing. The mission President and his wife President and Sister Wolfert are amazing they are kind and really good people. It has been a pretty long hard week. Since we are starting over we tract everyday all the time and visit members to get referral and ideas of places to go since we have absolutely no idea. We are in the Athens 2nd ward and the members are amazing. They are so kind and do so much to help us. The ward mission leader is a lot of help as well. Our area is spread across 3 different towns Athens, Bishop and Watkinsville (where our sketchy apartment is). I love my yellow bike even more than I did in the picture, we have a car as well since our area is pretty big so we use both quite a bit. I like riding it, except up hills or in the dark... :) My companion and trainer is Sister Parker she is blonde and 5' 1" .

     We eat with members some nights we have 3 times so far, but they take us out to eat or give us money to go sometimes. I ate taco soup, lime chicken and squash. None of which do I like but not to worry Mom I ate it all. We are eating with a couple people this week. A sister in the ward brought us a whole bunch of food and supplies this morning and we were so grateful definitely a tender mercy it was amazing, we don't have much in our apartment. And another Sister in our ward cleaned our carpets... boy did they need it.

     We haven't had any appointments with investigators yet because of the organizing the new area issue but it is getting better and we have a few lined up for this week. Why President Wolfert trusted me with this responsibility I have no idea, it is a little bit of a struggle but we are working on it.
     I am so glad Miriam loves her dresses I bet she looks gorgeous in them and I can't wait to see a picture. She is a cutie patootie! (I am making two costumes for Miriam for the school play she is in)

     I don't really have much access to ensigns or anything else unless it is on P-day on the computer and we won't have much time to do readying on that. ( I told her of a couple good articles to read and didn't know what they had access too)

     If you could send me a CD with David Archuleta Christmas songs on as well as Michael Buble just the ones that are on the computer and not RIGHT now just when that time comes, because we are allowed to listen to them says my companion... If it is just David I am more than alright with that and it can only be Christmas stuff from them. If you don't get around to it is is fine, I have other stuff. 
     Thank you so much for the package I got all my things, they were waiting for me and I loved the treats!! A LOT! I had to do a few days without a pillow but that situation is solved. They don't have blankets or sheets so it is a good thing you sent them and I brought one or I would have just had to have gone and bought one.

     There are 2 other sets of elders in our ward, the zone leaders are one of them they are really nice and helpful, we got a referral from them. Church yesterday was so good and the members are very nice we are glad to be here. Hopefully the work picks up soon.

     I am so grateful for you prayers and everything else that you do for me it is a great blessing and help and I hope that you all know how much I love and appreciate you and all you do, you are amazing.

      I love Alma Chapter 8 it is a great encouragement and help, Alma and Amulek are the best missionaries ever.
     There is much to be grateful for and Heavenly Father manifests his hand in my life daily through miracles and tender mercies.
     We have found a few people to teach and I am really excited for them. Heavenly Father is definitely preparing people to hear his gospel.

    It has been one of the hardest weeks ever but it is improving and I'm praying more that I ever thought possible. I am doing my best to be more faithful, charitable, patient, and working on those Christ-like attributes hopefully I can become a better missionary. Thank you for all you prayers! The work continues to progress and I'm doing okay! I love you all so much! It was so good to talk to you at the airport!
Peace and Blessing and you are always in my prayers
Love Rach (Sister Weeks) :)

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