Friday, October 11, 2013

Firehose Straight at Me

Hey family! I am so excited to hear from you!
         I'm glad you go my letters! :) I didn't bring out my Dork dot but I still have it on the back of my tag, the new missionaries look scared and the Elders in my district like to mess with them and scare them, teenage boys... Our district is pretty close and they are all going to my mission, almost everyone in my zone is Sister Bradford is as well, so I have seen her quite a bit. I know a lot of people going to my mission!
         My week... How to even begin, it is impossible to even begin to describe all that I have felt and learned in the past week and I LOVE it! Missionary work is amazing! Conference was fantastic we went to the main MTC and I found Jenny Lyon we took a picture together and talked for a bit it was so good to see her she is doing really well and leaves on the 22 for Korea! Crazy. My two favorite talks in conference were by Brethren that I don't really remember their names and I don't have my notes with me... WHOOPS. But one was about being meek and humble and the other one about being a good teacher. Brother Stanley challenged us to go into conference with one or two questions and it is amazing how much more I learned and paid attention I love conference so much. Heavenly Father is amazing. The two elders sitting next to me rattled they had so much candy and treats stuffed in their pockets. Most definitely 18 year olds. We had to walk up to the main campus because I'm at west and it is quite a walk and it's cold. At the west MTC everything is spread apart so we have to walk quite a bit in between classes and such. When conference was over Sister Merrill and I and the other two Sister decided we were going to run back to west campus, take that, it was kinda fun! Afterwards we had a devotional that turned into a cry fest for everyone... but me... Even the elders, it was A LOT of crying... On Sunday it was kinda strange because everyday is like Sunday, but after conference Vocal Point came for a devotional and it was sooo good, they gave us some advice and of course sang. I loved it. 
         The elders always tell me they remind me of their older sister... I'm not really sure if that is a good thing or not, but hey whatever. We also watched a video called the Character of Christ by Elder Bednar and it was amazing everyone should hear it, he talked about turning outwards in times of trial. 
          On Monday night we taught our investigator Damitric who is our teacher but it was crazy we said a prayer before we went in because we were SOO nervous and we planned our lesson studied it and then the spirit just took over. We invited him to be baptized and come to church and he said yes. It was soo cool, we were on such a spiritual high afterwards. There is no teaching lesson without the spirit because I know that I couldn't have done that without help. 
         Brother Stanley (teacher that our investigator, but it's like it's real) is an amazing teacher one day I hope I have teach and have the spirit with me like that. He talked to us about the Book of Mormon and STUDYING our scriptures and he talked to us individually he ready Jeremiah 18: 1-6 with me just what I needed, we always just need to allow ourselves to be continually molded and shaped by Heavenly Father according to his will. 
         Yesterday we had "In-field training" and it was spectacular! We went up to the main MTC again and it is fun every once in a while to go there I love talking to the people from different countries and going to different places you can just walk up and talk to them and its not weird, missionaries are so cool. When we walk anywhere a million horns honk and we get waves all the time and "aaahhh it's the missionaries" Oh the good old days when that was me... :) They talked about utilizing members and how to bring them in and earning their trust. The teacher was from Paris and he had a navy blue suit with a skinny tie and brown shoes with an accent.... You know what that means... Love at first sight. :) I am enamored by him.  I'm a missionary and I don't really care, but no shame. He had a lot of good insights and taught us a lot. Being at the MTC is like trying to take a drink out of a fire hose it is so much and you only get a little bit, but it is amazing how much I remember when I write it down and by some miracle I am able to pay attention. 
         Brother Stanley last night told us about on of his investigators on his mission that is now a member her name is Damitria sound familiar? Yep he based his story and investigator that he is for us off of her. It is on of the most amazing stories that I have ever heard in my life. I want to find people like that and help them into the waters of baptism because that's why I'm here and as Brother Manning would say BAPTIZE CONVERTS! 
         My goal is to TREASURE IT UP! I am going to study so hard because I want to learn so much more Preach My Gospel is so inspired I LOVE IT! We are to teach to Plan of Salvation with 2 principles in mind: 1 Gods vision of becoming and 2 helping them see the need for the Atonement. because Testimony + action = conversion. Teach in the process of becoming. I have learned so much and I want to thank you guys for teaching me you're all amazing!
         When I got your dearSisters I got 5 of them it was a little bit of a "Van Pelt, Van Pelt, Van Pelt..." Moment off the best two years hahaha I ripped them out of the District leaders hand, what can I say I wanted to see what you wrote! :)
Tell Miriam thank you for the notes and I love her I'll have a letter coming soon! :) 
Love you all!

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