Monday, October 28, 2013

Hide yo kids, Hide yo wife, we already believe in Christ

Dear Familia!
     Not a lot of people wanted to talk to us this week though we tracted quite a bit they tell us to leave them alone or just shut the door or just don't answer which has happened most this week. They also say they feel sorry for us and the already believe in Jesus Christ and the are already saved and then they continue to hide from us. We will get you. :) 7 gears on my bike has been just fine, and I really do appreciate the low step, we have  a bigger area, mostly just in Watkinsville, but we drive a lot. My companion has a GPS and I don't know where we would be with out it, really just lost ALL THE TIME. We got to Relief Society and love visiting and working with the members. PHEW, glad I got out of Jury duty... :) (She was called on jury duty for three months and I had to send in her call to get her out of it.)
     I'll be looking forward to the package! :) Thank you for sending some stuff, I really appreciate it!
And I really like that quote, it is so true and helpful. Sounds like you have had fun taking a tour of Georgia, it is pretty here and there are about a half million squirrels in our back yard at any given time and acorns everywhere they are fun to crunch and walk on. :)
We had our primary program yesterday and well and it was so fun the little kids are so cute and made us laugh a lot. We have only had 3 dinners with members and none of them this week, and when the Elders found that out they went around and asked people to feed us which was really nice of them.  There are 3 sets of missionaries in our ward, the Zone leaders and another set of Elders and us! We drive a 2014 Chev Cruise, it is brand new and very nice. My shoes and clothes are comfortable and work out great, most of the time I don't even notice what I'm wearing so it doesn't occur to me and doesn't really matter, today is the first day that it has rained. We usually email around 10am to noon so you can always watch for me then I like being able to chat a little bit! :)
      This week we had a lot of awkward moments but we always say, it wouldn't be missionary work if it wasn't awkward. :) The ward members are absolutely fantastic and make sure that we are taken care of I have had 3 ladies tell me not to worry and they can be my Mom while I am here. They are hilarious I love it. A lady gave us a whole bag of Reeses and you can imagine that I was happy, but my companion is allergic to peanuts and so I get the whole bag. aahhhh yeah. :) Life is good. And this week I got cheesecake (the kind at lunch on the day I gave my talk) and I was in heaven it was soo good.
     I think I mentioned it in my letter, but did you get my tithing to the bishop? Thank you if you did you are great! I got a cute Halloween card from the activity day girls tell them thank you and I appreciate it!
      This Saturday was amazing because Elder Dallin H. Oaks came to talk to us along with Elder Suarez, I got to shake both of their hands and their wives and hear him talk. It was so cool, he is like a celebrity, all the missionaries were enamored!  He talked about a wide variety of topics and the 10 gifts that we should take home from going on a mission. He also talked about the ordinance of the sacrament and how essential it is, it is the only ordinance in the church that we participate in literally thousands of times obviously it is of great importance. I just love that.
      Tell Miriam that I am praying for her and I just know that she will do amazing in the play and look good while doing it! ;)
The work is a little slow but we are doing are best and it is progressing we are finding people to teach and see so many miracles and tender mercies each and everyday that I am so grateful for!
      The priesthood is amazing and it can help anybody Elders are great when you can see them exercise that faith and power. I am so glad I have had it in my life Pops is so awesome!
The work is moving along and we are doing our best to find the elect!
      I think that is all for this week and I look forward to hearing from you next week, I love you all and I am so grateful for you prayers example and all that you do! Love ya!

Peace, love, prayers, and blessing
Love Sister Rach Weeks (I like my first name)

Rachel and her new bike helmet

Atlanta Georgia North Mission Home

MTC food - At least the chips redeemed it!

MTC district

part of traveling group to Atlanta

MTC district with favorite teacher

Sisters in district

room at MTC

MTC sisters in district

Sisters going to exercise - or something

the new me!

My new best friend!

Rachel flying high in the sky

Rachel and her friend Jenny she was in the MTC

District sisters going to the temple

Everybody has to have a picture like this.

Sister Parker from Iowa, out 6 mo. her new comp and trainer

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