Thursday, October 3, 2013

Shortest two and a half minutes ever!

October 2nd came and went and Rachel's eighteen month quest has begun! When we pulled into the MTC the fellow directing traffic gave us a little speech about what to do and told us we had only two and a half minutes to say goodbye so we had better start now! He was so funny and optimistic, and he helped everyone not to feel so on edge and/or weepy. We were number 15 in the car line up. When we pulled up the chaos began. We pulled Rachel's suitcases out and all gave her a hug and she was gone. Just like that! I bet we made it in two minutes it was so fast. She was excited and ready to be serving our Heavenly Father. We will miss her but we are glad that she made this choice.
        I will be updating Rachel's blog through the duration of her mission. (There is none of me hugging her because I was behind the camera:)

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