Saturday, October 5, 2013

The MTC at its finest

Dear Familia,
I am alive and doing happy and well. After you dropped me off I got my official handy dandy name tag, we look LEGIT. No big deal. The first day was really long and busy but we got though it. My companion's name is Sister Merrill she is my height blonde and super cute. She is twenty and was a cheerleader at the U and Snow college. We get along really well and laugh a lot. We also work really well with each other. Our first day in our class Sister Merrill and I walked in and we were the last ones to arrive, the first teacher introduced himself as Brother Stanley the other one as Brother Weekes (pronounced exactly like our last name) Yep, I tag checked him, quite obviously and he noticed... he wasn't joking. Whoops. The first day we learned A LOT I don't even know where to put all the spiritual insights and information we are receiving. We had an experience with teaching our first investigator as a group, 3 sister missionaries would come in start it off we would pause and then a group of 30ish missionaries would take over. We did this in 3 different rooms with 3 different people. On our way to the last room Sister Merrill and I were walking in the middle of a load of missionaries and the Brother in charge pulled us aside, we thought we were in trouble because we were talking in the last one (of course it was about the investigator) and he asked us if we would be the two sisters that started it off. What in the world!?! How and why did he pick us, I have no idea but we had about 15-30 seconds to prepare and then they tossed us into the sharks. It was a little scary but we did it! And we did pretty well, we learned loads from the experience even through we were properly scared out of our shorts/skirts :) CHECK. 
Our apartment is pretty small but we only share with 2 other sisters, Sister Reuckert and Sister Davis they're really fun. Our toilet leaks so we have the river Jordan on our bathroom floor that we wade through to brush our teeth... I thought I wasn't supposed to have to swim. I ain't even mad. :) 
My bag is absolutely  not going to work I can only fit half of what I need and I still can't zip it up... I'm not really sure what to do... Better luck next time, nice try try again. :)
The elders in our district are definitely 18 year old boys and obnoxious but they're like family and they're funny in an odd weird sort of way... They won't let us take our own tray in the cafeteria and freak out when we try, there is hope for them yet. They think that weird stuff is funny and they are super cool, maybe the spirit has gone to their head, they aren't that funny.  And the food... it is well, definitely cafeteria food a little slimy and questionable but way better than school and no Nazi lunch ladies all very nice and polite and there is always a peanut butter sandwich available. Don't worry I haven't resorted to that yet. 
I love all of the teachers I've had they are awesome and I have learned a lot, yesterday was my favorite, but really how many days do I have to pick from... We learned how to plan and study more effectively and Brother Stanley said we have got it down. #swaggg He is a really good teacher and very happy he went on his mission to North Carolina and he said he gained 35 pound in the frist 6 weeks that is not good. I cannot do that my clothes will no longer fit. 
This morning we had to get up at 5:00 for a service project cleaning bathrooms it's like a flashback to summer except I have a name tag and BYPOO is involved. Not to worry though, the elders got assigned to the toilets. What troopers. :) 
We have 4 sisters and 4 elders in our district and it is not as I thought it would be the Elders still out number the sisters and Elders are still awkward and weird. We saw them playing basketball out our window yesterday and Sister Reuckert was watching while we were in our room she said "uh... AWKWARD ELDERS" They were not even coming close to the hoop most of the time... I'm sorry but we laughed. 
I am at the West campus and we have to walk a lot to get to where we need to, and it is FREEZING a balmy 48 degrees yesterday. And you have my coat and boots. Good thing I only have to be here for 13 days. When we got into our room Wednesday night we realized that our room had not sheets. Yipee. Not to worry though They have a blanket and I just use mine and I'm perfectly fine. Just send it to Georgia... Also, I think I left my makeup brush in the bathroom it has a gold handle. 
When we have to walk to our class we say hi to all the missionaries, the ones that are learning a different language say hi in that language at first I asked Sister Merrill if she understood any of what they were saying, not to worry, my ears still work it wasn't any language I understand, I'll I've got is "Hola, como es stas" Correct spelling on that... and Ciao. Some Elder was speaking German I have no response but I do know what it was. I'm making you guys proud all over the place. I am doing my best and hope that I can become a great missionary.Thanks for all your love support guidance and teaching over the years I love and appreciate you all a lot. 
I didn't bring my envelopes, I forgot them so I need to get some but I will send letters soon. My Preparation days are on Fridays until I get to Georgia.
Love, Sister Weeks
Disclaimer: The spelling and grammar in this letter and all letters following  are purely Rachel and not my responsibility. ~Miriam

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