Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Every country song that talks about road kill in the south is true.

Dear Family,
     That title states it all. There is so much road kill in Georgia and it is disgusting. I got your package this week and I was really excited. I love the quote thing, it is so cute and it is hanging on our wall and makes it perfect! :)( Thanks Diane for the great idea!) Did you just not get the pictures printed out to send? 

     We had Zone Conference this last week and my companion decided to tell them that I would play the musical number and President and Sister Wolfert came and it is not just one zone. She totally threw me under the bus! I was in shock that she actually said it and they hung up before I could say anything, so I had to play the musical number.  Now the word is out that I play the piano. Bad Sister Parker. :) I guess it's fine but since then I've already been asked to play twice. I think that you would like that Mom but I don't because I just have to wing it and I like to be able to practice first. (Glad to know years of paying for lessons is paying of its dividends) But everyone loved the musical number and said it went well so I guess it is okay. Zone conference was amazing and I learned so much President and Sister Wolfert are amazing and I want to be just like them. We got fed a form of Thanksgiving dinner afterwards and I say form because there was gritz stuffing... only in the south.

     I am so glad you got to go to the temple with Melissa and a little jealous, I wish that I could be there but I'm glad that you were there to support her and have fun eating. That is such a special experience and I wish that I could go to the temple, because I LOVE it. (Rachel's best friend is going on a mission and went through the temple on Sat.  I was her escort.)
     We go to go on exchanges last Friday with the Sister Training Leaders, I went to another part of Athens with Sister Blaylock and it was soooo much fun, we had a great talk and found so many amazing people and I learned a lot. I love exchanges, it was fun to able to have a different perspective and learn new things. And we got reeses ice cream since we both love peanut butter and  chocolate. She knows the way to my heart. :)
     Funny story of the week: 
We had a musical number in church this week Homeward Bound and one of the Young Women did a solo and she did beautifully. I was about to tell her good job when and Elder in our ward did. She turned around and did a little YES fist pump and squeezed her eyes closed and I had to turn around I was laughing so hard. Elder just won her heart and he doesn't even know it. She lit up. Oh to be 13 again, it was hilarious.
      We had our first lesson ever to an investigator this week, it is a long time coming. We were pretty excited.   Her name is Barbara.  She was really curious and open and had a lot of questions. We are hoping a young family that we met from a member referral will say yes to letting us come over. We're praying hard for that one! :)
     If you wanted to send me my man shirt I wouldn't object... It has been a little bit colder here but not to bad, it feels like fall in Idaho, I just don't like cold weather and it doesn't seem like it is November but it is already half over. I feel like it has been the longest and the shortest 41 days of my life I can't decide which and it depends on the moment.
     Mom you are right. Elders are hilarious. Sister Parker and I take advantage of it and provoke it and we end up laughing a lot. We are the only sisters in our district so we have plenty of opportunities. We have an excellent district, except that half of it is going home by January so we'll see what happens. And I am determined to go and visit a cemetery here in Georgia next P-day. :) See if I can find any sticks.  (This is a story from my mission - I enjoyed cemeteries they were quite different)

      There is an Elder in this mission that looks EXACTLY like Elder Calhoun of the Best Two Years. I kid you not it is hilarious. He was saying a couple things and I laughed so hard.
     My companion is lactose intolerant so when she eats dairy she gets really gassy so it is like living with Nolan still. Nasty. :)
     And crazy story. You will never believe (and by that I mean you actually will) who I happened upon today and by today I mean I just realized who he was today. :) I was looking at the address list that you gave me and and I looked at Valaine's last name because I couldn't remember and I was wondering what part of the mission her son was in. I saw it was Young because I don't even know his first or last name and then I realized Elder Young is in my district I see him at least once a week for a couple hours and neither of us have realized after almost 5 weeks that we are related. I so knew he looked familiar, don't judge me I'm a little slow... :) At least I figured it out eventually. (He was in the library with her then and she told him they were related and now they both know and got a good laugh from it)
     The talks and things that you gave me in the package were awesome! The ones from your mission I like a lot! I have been slowly reading them when I have time and they are helpful. I have gotten a lot better at tracting and we laugh a lot so it is a lot more enjoyable now that I am more confident and know what to say. I like talking to people. We talked to a pastor and he listened but we didn't think he was that interested and we left. Not even 10 minutes later he texted us and asked us to come back next Sunday to talk and he said he'd feed us. Awesome and weird... we'll see what comes of it! We have a goal to get 70 contacts a week and we were down by 26 on Sunday and they are due Sunday night. We said a prayer and by the end of Sunday we had 72! We were so excited there are miracles everywhere!

I hope that you guys have a good week it is always so nice to hear from you and how things are going! I love you lots and pray for you always!
Love Sista Rach
Love the sign - I just have to take pictures of them.

Saw this while tracting - They should be members don't you think?

Our living room - study and eating area.

Member family at Halloween - Merida from Brave.

My Package came - HOORAY!

Our room and nasty carpet.  I never go without shoes!

Our apartment - 6 Cedar Drive

Pumpkin bread from a member

sign I sent Rachel for decor. (Thanks Diane!)

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  1. I'm glad you liked it. I thought it was cute and the best thing all you had to do is print it! She sounds good!