Monday, November 18, 2013

Hey Yall!

Hey Yall!
     I got my purse from the mission office, we were actually there on Wednesday for the follow up meeting of a month of me being in Georgia and the package came that day so I got it! I LOVE it of course I am a bag lady. :) Miriam did a good job at picking! Thanks! (I sent her a new bag the one she took was not big enough and she did not want to shop for one.)

     Anything else... hmmm, chap stick maybe because I don't know where to get it here and a couple pair of my polka dot socks. And I use my Daniel croup salve a lot it really helps me be able to breath at night.  I can't really think of anything else. Thank you, I really appreciate it!  ( I was just getting ready to send her a few things she requested)
     I'm glad Kiera is enjoying my clothes, someone should I guess. I miss her and her funny comments. I am glad she is doing her stretches!! Good job!! :) Hopefully she's not too much like me... that could be bad. :)  (I told her Kiera was enjoying her shoes and clothes and she is doing her stretches like Rachel told her to before she left - they are a lot alike in so many ways)
     Hallmark Channel?!? NO WAY! Why now? Humph. I am super jealous, I have seen all the ones you have mentioned though... that is a problem, I might have a slight addiction. It better be there when I get back. ;) Hopefully you guys are getting things done because I know if I was there that is all I would want to do and that is probably all I would do...  (Rachel loves Hallmark movies - we just got a new TV and that station happens to come in now and we have enjoyed their countdown to Christmas movies)
     We do exercise everyday but Sunday, Sister Parker likes running every other day and I hate running up hills so I ride my bike and just put it on a lot of resistance :) Sometimes I run then the other days we just stay in our apartment and I use my book. Sister Wolfert came to our area on Friday and we had a little "pow wow" that is what she called it anyway. They talked about nutrition and exercising and we did some exercise and ate a healthy breakfast. Einstein Bagels are my heros. It was so good. She is more than welcome to come any time if she feeds me that. :) And it was really fun.   (I asked if she exercised every day)
     The Follow up meeting was super fun. I got to see all the Elders and Sisters from my MTC district and it was a lot of fun!
     We met some amazing people this week. Mary is at the top of the list! She accepted the invitation to be baptized in December hopefully she keeps her date! We actually had 6 lessons this week a few of them were with Bible Thumpers but it happens. I don't even know what to say to those people they get so feisty and the spirit is not there at all.  We had to walk out of a lesson this week -  we just said a prayer and left.  We had a lesson with a Pastor last night who invited us over and then wanted to know our definition of grace.  We told them and then they were getting upset and trying to argue, but they said the same thing as us.... He is a youth pastor and invited his youth there as well. I hope that one of them felt the spirit and maybe will remember it someday.
    The members here are great an it is nice that we're girls because then we can get team ups during the day.  The Elders have a struggle with that because only Priesthood holders can go with them. The members here are always more than willing to help with anything.
     The work in Watkinsville is moving along and we are really excited to be here.  We have met a lot of interesting and great people. Never answer the door half naked... it makes the situation awkward for everyone... It has been a good week. I think that Sunday is my favorite day of the week going to church is fantastic. There is a family in the ward that have 4 girls no boys but they still remind me of us.  We went over there for dinner and they just made me laugh so hard. I understand the missionaries laughing at us now when they would come over  and eat with us.  A couple of the Young Women have got it bad for the Elders and it is funnnyy. :)

     My companion likes to borrow my clothes.  It is no bueno!  I really don't like to share clothes or my shoes, but don't know how to tell her no without her getting angry again.  Oh well, I guess I will just deal with it.  She is planning on buying boots today too so hopefully that will help.  I'll have to buy myself food she doesn't like too.  Oh well I am fine and dealing with it the best way I know how.  I do love missionary work and sharing my testimony.

     Well, I love you all and hope that you have a fantastic week! I love hearing from you an you are always in my prayers! LOVE YOU!
Love Sister Rach :)

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