Monday, November 4, 2013

Robinhood and Tinker Bell

Heya!! :)
            It has been a pretty good week and things really are moving a long and going a lot better! I bet Miriam looks super cute in her dress and I'm really excited for her I just know things will go fantastic! She is amazing! We ate with a few more members this week because the Elders felt bad for us and just went around the ward and asked people to feed us it was really nice of them. We have a kitchen that is pretty well stocked the members and the ward mission leader gave us a lot of things for it, it is just like college we have all the things we need to prepare meals for ourselves. Sister Sanchez gave us toaster strudels, it was like Christmas! :) Getting groceries from members is really nice, sometimes they just take us shopping on Pday and say get what you need, that is what we are doing today, it is kinda strange but they won't let us out of it and they said members were great to their missionaries so they want to do the same and they want their kids to be taken care of so we have a lot of Moms and a substitute Gramsy and Gramps although I like the real ones A LOT! :) And miss them.

             We just buy groceries and necessities with our money, food and other such things and fast offerings I don't really buy much because the members have provided a lot of it and I don't need many things. We have a table and chairs and a desk and beds that is all the furniture we are allowed to have in our apartment, but we aren't in there all that often anyways. My blanket keeps me toasty, I'm really glad I made it and brought it or I would have had to buy one, they don't keep any of that stuff in the apartments. But I am warm! It is still warm here and for now I just wear my jacket and sometimes not at all and it isn't too humid, I noticed my hair gets oilier faster and it is a little curlier but really not too shabby. :) We live about 15 minutes away from the church it is 1080 Julian Dr. in Watkinsville. Members know how to cook a lot of the time they just don't want to and take us out. We try to do service every week and just see what the people in the ward need done. (As you can tell, she responded to a bunch of my questions.)

            Anything that I need? Well, I could really go for some of your raspberry jam but I don't know how well that would send, but it would be good, I took that for granted. :) Maybe some Natural Ice chapstick in a little bit and some wart stuff I lost mine in packing and I have no idea where it went.  We shop at Kroger, Publix or Walmart and some member is taking us to Sams Club to today, she's our Grandma it is like Gramsy I went to Sams club with her too! :) The stores are mostly in Watkisville and really that is where we stay most of the time, that is our area. The sisters stay there and the other 2 sets of elders have it divided into an inner and an outer loop and that is where they stay, one of the sets only has bikes. We mostly just clean and write letters on Pday.  The Elders want us to come play sports so we go and watch and laugh at their ridiculousness. I am determined to visit a cemetery and see what it is like it is definitely on the agenda. :)  (Again, more answers to my questions about her life in general as a missionary.)

            We teach less actives a lot and have only found 2 or 3 people to teach so far.  Things fall through a lot but we are slowly finding more people. We haven't had any come to church but a member in the ward invited a family that she wants us to teach and they came and we are praying for a miracle that they say yes and we might get to go over this week they are an amazing family! 

            Don't worry too much Mom it really is going well and I am grateful for your prayers and all that you do! Something crazy -  if I sleep 8 hours a night which is a rule so I do -  that is 1/3 the Lords mission that I'll be sleeping. 6 whole months, that is crazy! 

            We  had a ward Halloween party and a lady was spraying EVERYONE with glitter spray it was awful and everywhere. Gross, I managed to avoid it except for into my lungs but she got the elders GOOD. They looked like Tinkerbell they were so sparkly!  Hahaha it was pretty funny. The ward party was super fun and there were a lot of nonmembers so we met a lot of people, it was missionary heaven! :)
            I hope you guys have  a great week and I am so grateful for all that you do and I love you lots I hope the play goes well! And just so you know you can send anything including packages and letters to my apartment, it just goes better that way. I got the relief society notes I appreciate it they were cute! (Our RS sent out letters to the 4 sisters out from our ward for a RS Activity)

LOVE YOU LOTS have a great week
Love Sister Weeks

This just had to be done, it was Robinhood!

It is a good omen you are going to rock it at the play tonight! I made my companion stop so I could take a picture of it! Love you Miriam everything will go great!!!

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