Monday, November 25, 2013

"Oh.....I'm Catholic..."

Hey Yall!

     It has been a crazy fun interesting week! There is a couple in our ward (he is in the stake presidency) and her parents aren't members. Miss Eloise and David she has self proclaimed herself our southern tutor and she says that she doesn't have very long so she is making us try everything pickled and southern that she can find. Pecans, pickled peaches, picked watermelon rinds, Mayhaw jelly, fig preserves, peach jelly and other weird southern things. My experience: pickled things are nasty especially the peaches, we brought them to District Meeting and we all tried them and Elder McAllister claims they made him sick. I'm not sure how much I believe it but they weren't good. The watermelons rinds tasted like sweet pickles kinda but still not good. We don't eat too many weird things though.
     Southern people are funny. We helped out with a service project boxing cans and sorting them. The Elders were there, but busy carrying other boxes so I carried one over to the pile that had cans in it and an older gentleman freaked out because I carried it and "women are not to be doing those types of things!" Brother H who is also from Idaho said that they make the women do everything there. I obviously am not capable of carrying a box. Jeepers seester I'm pretty strong! :) haha funnnnyyy. If nobody gets that reference ask Miriam.
     I got the package and I. Love. David. I am so glad you sent it to me and the pictures they are super cute and I am glad to finally have some! And of course chap stick the is a necessity and I can't live without it you're great thanks for sending it! (I sent her a small package with a few things she wanted - mainly David Archuleta Christmas music)
     This week when we were tracting we walked up to a lady and she asked what we were selling and I told her nothing. She saw the Book of Mormon in my hands and put her hands on either side of my face and said "Ohhhh... I'm Catholic..." Awkward. When her hands came at me I panicked because I wasn't sure what she was doing and I probably reacted pretty awkwardly hey it wouldn't be missionary work if it wasn't awkward right? :)
     Tell Kiera to send me a picture of her hair I want to see it I bet it looks super cute!!! :) That sounds like some pretty good incentive to me... too bad they didn't have that when I was doing it. It is probably for the best anyways. (One of the YW leaders is a hairstylist and offered to do something free for the girls if they earned some personal progress things)
     We do have plans for Thanksgiving and already for Christmas we are eating with members this week that are really sweet with another trio of sisters which should be really fun. Hopefully it is good although I will miss my sweet potato pie! And you guys of course!  For Christmas we are eating with our Southern tutor and her family, which should be lots of fun. They are so cute! :)
     Anything for Christmas... hmmm I don't really know, I really like Cherry Cordial Hershey's Kisses :) It might be nice to have a navy blue, gray, or brown cardigan I don't really know I don't have many ideas I think that I'm pretty fine right now. (I asked if she wanted anything for christmas)
    I am happy healthy and our investigator Jalo came to church this week!!!! He is Nolan's age and height and in the same grade. We found him tracting and he is very interested and says that he feels like the Book of Mormon is true and very necessary. SAY WHAT?!? That took us by surprise but we were very excited and he wants to keep learning. We have a few other exciting lessons and people this week that we have been working really hard with they are amazing people. We love to go visit less actives and see why they don't come. Heavenly Father is really blessing us in helping to gather his flock and we have seen many tender mercies and miracles. We are very blessed.

     And, a brother in the ward works for General Mills so they gave us like 15 or 20 boxes of cereal yesterday. Good ole southern hospitality trying to fatten the sisters up. They have stopped feeding the elders as much because of us. Whoops. We feel bad but we're not really sure what to do besides give them some of our cereal and ramen noodles. :)

I hope that you all have a great week and I love you lots and pray for you always!!
Love Rach
Beautiful leaves changing in Georgia

Me and my new purse - should hold what I need! What a cutie patootie!

My district - many of these elders are going home this week.  My cousin Elder Young is in this picture too(front left).  How funny is that.

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