Monday, December 9, 2013

Everybody and their DOGS

Hey Family!

EVERYBODY here has a dog. Oh wait they don't just have a dog they have like 10 dogs and it is terrible because they all come at me and I almost leak myself every time it happens... Embarrassing, but I can't help it. There is no such thing as a nice dog. This week we went to 3 houses in a row that had 5 or more dogs. NO BUENO. And the Elders in our ward don't help by telling us that they got bit by a dog 3 times in one week. Boy will be boys.

Not too many interesting things this week just normal food. We haven't been able to practice the song together again but hopefully today. There was a relief society activity on Saturday and the lady had a baby grand piano and Sister Parker told her I played so I ended up having to play, but it wasn't too bad because our investigators were there and she told me it was beautiful and that she got chills. I have had a couple opportunities to play for investigators which has been pretty cool, it is amazing how the spirit works, and before we walked into one house he let me know that she was going to ask me to play and I did and she started crying... the piano was pretty out of tune.. Just kidding, she said she loved it.
This week one day when I was getting ready I dropped by toothbrush in the toliet... NASTY. It was so gross an Sister Parker left her planner at the store so it was kind of a tender mercy so I could go an get a new one. I still am playing in District meeting which is going pretty well it gives me a little bit of practice.
We went to the Watkinsville Christmas tree lighting on Friday. Tiny town=tiny tree. And I can't even believe it because it was 73 degrees AND it was December 6th, how does that even happen. But the next day it was freezing and I had to wear a coat.
We met the most special family this week! I am in awe. The Cannon's they are amazing. We met them on Thanksgiving and I walked up to them with Sister Parker and said that we were representatives of Jesus Christ and he sent us to their home to leave with them his peace and blessings (people in the south are much more receptive to a prayer so that is one of our finding tools) and they looked at us weird and said we could come back the next day. We did and they have a date for the 28th of December!! They are our miracle family we have met with them 3 or 4 times and they came to church and the relief society activity. They told us on Thursday that when we walked up to them they had just been talking about finding a church to go to. SAY WHAT?! Heavenly Father knows exactly what he is doing.  We went to visit a less active by them that one of the Elders told us to go and visit and decided to tract, it was amazing. We are meeting with them again tonight! We are praying so hard for them because they really are amazing. They came to the Christmas devotional last night and it was so good. Weird side note, it comes on at 8:00 here because of the time difference, it was a little strange.
We have been able to witness a lot of miracles and our motto is "Work hard, Play hard" We find happiness and joy in the work and do our best to work hard and laugh lots.
It was a great week and there are only 16 more days until Christmas I can't believe it, it truly is a wonderful time of year! The birth of our Savior is so special and I am glad that we have the opportunity to be able to celebrate it. I wish you the best and hope that you have a great week. Love you and miss you lots and you are always in my prayers. Until next time.
Love Rach

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