Monday, December 2, 2013

The Miricle of a loaf of bread

Hey Yall!

      My week has been great! We have seen a lot of tender mercies this week and it has been great. Thanksgiving was good. So so good. I do have the recipe for sweet potato pie but nobody makes it as good as that. Good to know that I finally got my deposit back!

      I. Love. The. A. It is so cool and I wish I could see it in person but I am so glad you sent me a picture. The Aggie's are pretty awesome. :)

       We didn't have anybody come to church this week because of the Holidays but we're praying for some next week!

       The weather has been quite a bit colder and was 28 on Thanksgiving while we were outside helping with a Turkey Trot race. It was fun but I am so thankful that I got to wear pants. Because it was pretty nippy! We have had quite a bit of rain and I am pretty sure it is raining right now, it was when we came in anyways...

      I did in fact find Cherry cordial kisses at Walmart and it was worth every single penny to get them. I eat them on rough days and now I just tell myself that everyday is a rough day so I can have one. :)

     Last week Sister Parker and I had a prompting to make a loaf of Pumpkin bread to one of the families that we have been visiting who have been less active for a lot of years. They have been really receptive to us and the ward says that no one was able to get in before us and if they did they would meet for a little while then cancel. So we took them the bread with a little note and left it with their son because the parents weren't even home. When we came to our next appointment they were amazed and they opened right up to us and committed to come to church on Sunday because of that. They said that us taking time and money to give that to them was amazing and they were very grateful and the Dad was almost in tears thanking us and he left his brothers house early to come back to our appointment because he said that he wants his kids to have the comfort that the gospel can bring so he is going to start coming back. All because of a loaf a bread from a mix that we didn't think would be that big of a deal. Heavenly Father knows exactly what people need and I am grateful that he let us help them.

     Our investigator that had a baptismal date dropped of the face of the planet and we haven't seen or talked to her since. We are pretty sad, Satan is really working hard on people. The family that said they were going to come to church texted us an hour before because 4 of their 5 kids were up all night throwing up. People are getting the Satan flu. Dumb Satan. But the family is committed and they do want to come back so we are praying for them and really excited.

     Thanksgiving was so good! We ate with a member and the trio of sisters that are in the UGA campus branch. Sister Bradford is with them and we are going to probably play that musical number that you sent me for our mission Christmas party slash talent show. We'll see how it goes you know how I am about counting... :)

      As of this week I am the new district piano player for district meetings which should be interesting hope it all goes well. And my training on hope was well... It is over and it went okay. But I had to go after Elder Evans our district leader who is like celestial... I don't know how I was supposed to follow that but whatevs. :)

    It was a great week and I hope things are going well for you! I love you guys and miss you lots and can't wait to talk to you at Christmas!
      Until next time, Peace, love, prayers, blessing, and hugs!

Love Sista Rach

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