Monday, December 30, 2013

White Christmas....YEAH!!

Hola Familia!
     It was sooo good to see you all on Christmas and talk to you! What a wonderful blessing technology is. I love it. It was a great Christmas, we ate lamb for dinner which was new, but it was pretty good and we had homemade rolls. I. Am. In. Love. They were tasty. Then we went tracting and met with the Cannon Family. They are so cute, they gave us both a prayer necklace and some treats. We tried to convince them not to get us presents but she said "honey you are in the south now, deal with it." We did. People give us everything. If I took everything that people offered I wouldn't be able to fit it all in my suitcases. They just think missionaries need everything. I have already acquired a lot of things.

      Of course, I always wear the skirts that you made for me, they are very comfortable and go with my clothes! I like them a lot and I really appreciate you making them for me!  (I asked her how the skirts I made her were working.  I never see them in pictures)

     I have had a little cough (depends on who you ask) Lately as well, I don't know what is up with it but hopefully it goes away soon. That is no bueno that the Elders got sick, I pray that, that doesn't happen to us.  (The elders in our ward got food poisoning and were sick I told her)

      THE BAPTISM WAS AMAZING. The end. Just kidding, it was a fantastic day and the spirit was really strong. Our event planning skills proved to be pretty effectual because it all went smoothly and they were very happy. They have so much light and happiness now and their love for each other has grown. I am literally so grateful to be a part of their lives and be able to witness the miracles that take place in lives because of the Gospel and the Atonement. They are already making plans to go to the temple in a year and be sealed. They were confirmed members of the church on Sunday! Yay! On Saturday at the baptism the 2nd counselor in the Bishopric asked my to talk in church on Sunday.... oh the life of a missionary. So I talked in church. Yikes. First talk of my life that I talked in church and not read a talk in church or said something that I had memorized. It was interesting and I think it went well, Heavenly Father helped me a lot and they said I was the youth speaker so I didn't have to talk for very long. Because I only had 45 minutes to prepare it that morning. Sister Parker said I should get up there and read and then turn around and say there is a 5 minute talk with a 5 minute warning. Not to worry I didn't say that. It was close but I didn't. I think that I should be done giving talks and training for a couple weeks...  All went well and we are so excited for the Cannon family. They just look like they belong and they have so much light and are so happy.

     We didn't do anything. Heavenly Father placed them in our path already prepared and ready to be dunked. I am grateful for the opportunity and the trust Heavenly Father gives all of us in letting us be a part of his eternal plan.

      In the Book of Mormon Mosiah 18:26 I love what it says it is through our diligent study and work that we receive knowledge and that we are able to see Heavenly Fathers hand in our life. There are tender mercies all around us. When we study we are able to feel the spirit so much more in our lives. I read that and I wonder how can I not want to study and be grateful for the time I do have to study when the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost is the fruit of those studies. Heavenly Father gives us blessing ten fold for putting in a little bit of effort. His is a loving and merciful father and I am so grateful.

      This week we were on our way to an appointment and left an hour early and stopped at every gas station on the way to Athens to find people to talk to. It was a lot of fun. Everybody needs the gospel! :)  I asked her about tracting and this is what she said:  Almost all of the people that we have had lessons with we found tracting, a few referrals but mostly tracting. We pray about it and pick on the map that we have in our apartment or tract around less actives or members or say chose the right and turn on a street. Then we tract all the houses. President has asked us to tract 2 hours a day and promised blessing because of it so we do our best to do it and to get  in our 10 contacts a day. Sometimes we go gas station contacting, it is pretty fun. :)   This week we were tracting and met a mean lady and I said looks like she needs to scratch her mad spot and get glad... Oh the sayings I got from you, grandma, and pops! Apparently they come in more  handy than she ever thought.

       Well I hope you all have a great week, I love you lots and hope the break is fun. Be good, laugh lots and serve always. I pray for you always.

Love you BYE!
Love Rach
The Cannon Families Baptism day with Sister Weeks and Parker

"White Christmas"  Cannon Baptism day 12/28/2013

Reading the scriptures before opening the gift from my family!

I need this after all the candy I received!

Christmas Candy!!!!

My Family gifts from the Mission Christmas Party - Yeah my man shirt!

My sock and gifts from my family.  This is this same sock my mom received from Gma full of gift on her mission.

The reception after the wedding and baptism

Reception after the wedding and baptism

Aggie fans - Rachel and Sister Nelson (STL)

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