Monday, January 6, 2014

Ringing in the New Year by sleeping!

Hola Familia!

     It was a great week, we talked to a lot of people and found a few new ones to teach that we are really excited about! The Cannon Family is doing fantastic and they just look like they belong. He got the Aaronic priesthood on Sunday and he is going to pass the sacrament next week, I am so excited for him! They are already bringing people to church with them and have challenged a few of his relatives to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. They are on fire. It is so fun to see their conversion and joy in sharing the gospel and telling people that we DO NO practice polygamy.  ha ha ha.

     For New Years we worked just like usual and ate at a members house. We rang in the New Year by going to bed at 10:15 and sleeping until 6:30, it was fantastic. We also went and visited the Cannons because we missed them and wanted to see how they were doing. But I think sleeping was the best way to do it.

      This week during weekly planning Sister Parker leaned back in her chair to stretch and fell over and broke the chair... I could not stop laughing but all is fair because I ping ponged myself off the bathroom wall and fell on the ground... Embarrassing. I can't seem to walk without falling lately, up stairs, downstairs, in the middle of the street. It is a real problem.  No wonder there was a Graceful Gurdi and George thrown in there... :)

Well... Drum roll please! I am getting Transferred to Lilburn and my new companion is Sister Carigan! I don't know much about her but I can't wait to meet her, I am excited for whatever the Lord has in store for me there. I am nervous but excited   I will miss the Cannon's the most, but hope to possibly go to the temple with them in a year!  That would be awesome! I didn't know how to react when we got the call this morning it was a little bit of a shock because Sister Parker thought that she was leaving. I didn't know what to say..  (  Lilburn is were the mission home and offices are.  It will be another great learning experience for her.)

It has been a great week of missionary work! I love you all and hope that all is going well. Have a fantastic week!

Until next time!

Love you Bye!
Love Rach

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