Monday, February 24, 2014

I'm on top of the world

Dear Family!

      Transfers went great, we dropped Sister Carrigan off and brought Sister Blaylock back with me! It was sad to see her go because we got a long but Sister Blaylock and I are soo excited to be companions and working here in Lilburn. I like her a lot and we get along great and laugh lots. We just both want to work our hardest in everything that we do and collapse at the end of the day in exhaustion. So far it is working. She is form Parma Idaho, by Boise. She isn't Sister Training leader anymore and she has been our for about 13 months. The Assistants to the President are still in our ward as well and the ward got another set of bike elders. It is definitely keeping the ward busy. 

     It is funny because Sister Blaylock trained Sister Parker and Sister Carrigan and Sister Carrigan went to Athens where I came from. And Sister Parker got Sister Carrigan's old companion. What a crazy little circle! 

     Last Monday we went to the Hindu Temple and it was sooo much fun and it was beautiful. I'll send pictures sometimes soon. Then today we hiked Stone Mountain. It is out of our mission but we got permission to go and it is amazing. I really felt like I was on top of the world looking in all directions at Georgia. I could see the sky scrapers in Atlanta and all the trees. This earth is beautiful and we have the privilege to live on it. It was a great P-day activity. Now we are going to find more things to do to entertain ourselves on P-day!  It truly is AMAZING!

     This week was filled with lots of things to do and so is this upcoming week. We are really excited to be companions and know that it is for a reason and I am really excited to learn from her. She is a great missionary, I am lucky to have her as a companion. This week was great weather, most of the time I didn't even have to wear a jacket because it has been in the high 60's or low 70's all week long. Just move to Georgia and you can experience all 4 seasons in 1 week. Gotta love the south! Now we are just working hard to find those that Heavenly Father wants us to talk to and to teach. It is so fun!  

     Find someone to be friendly to this week and help them feel of Heavenly Fathers love. Pray about it and find that person, there is always someone in need of our help. Notice the beauty in all around us and have fun. 

     I love you lots and hope that things continue to go well! Have a great week and be happy! The gospel gives us a great light in our lives. 

Love Sister Rachel Weeks

PS I'll try to remember to send pictures next week or something...

Monday, February 17, 2014

Chillin like Villians in the Ice

Hey Yall!

     This week was eventful slash uneventful. Three days out of the week we couldn't drive - only walkin' which is fine. But after Tuesday the ice storm got too bad and coated everything in ice so we had to be trapped inside for 2 whole days. Holy smokes. I about died, I said it once and I will say it again keeping missionaries cooped up is a super bad idea. We did do our nails and toe nails which was pretty fun and we just got caught up on stuff and cleaned and... tried to entertain ourselves. We are SO glad to be out and working again and now, it is 60 degrees outside and sunny and it is supposed to get to 70 this week. In Georgia we experienced all 4 season in one week. Who would have thought. People from the south are crazy!

     While we were stuck inside we have an extra mattress and so we dragged it into the living room and we were jumping on it. It was pretty fun!!! We were laughing so hard. We are easily entertained and I think being a missionary makes me have an even lamer sense of humor, oh well... I try to be normal! 

     We have got a few referrals from the ward, but they mostly give them to the Elders. We are getting another set of Elders in the ward today as well. We don't have much of a teaching pool right now but we are working on it. They are trying a new system with the meal calendar so we  get fed like 3ish times a week. No food is better then nasty food. I can just make dinner myself or eat a sandwich and some fruit and vegetables! Yummy. :)

     This week in my studies I was reading in Alma 18:35  and Ammon says "And a portion of that spirit dwelleth in me, which giveth me knowledge and also power according to my faith and desires which are in God." We can receive so much knowledge and power when we have faith and when we exercise it for good. When we recognize the power we have in knowing that we are truly children of our Heavenly Father. A God who is all knowing. Loves us and wants us to be happy. With that knowledge comes that same great power! We just receive so much from Heavenly Father daily when we have faith in him and have righteous desires we can't go wrong. What an amazing concept the Gospel is true and we are loved immensely. 

      Today we are going to go to the Hindu temple and hopefully next week Stone Mountain! Yay!! I am super excited. Updates are yet to come! Well.. that is all for this week! Have a great week and I look forward to hearing from you  next time! Love ya lots, be happy and have fun!! 

Love Sister Rachel Weeks
     Just before she signed off today she said they found out that her Companion Sister Carrigan was being transferred to Athens to where Rachel was.  Her new companion will be Sister Blaylock.  Rachel did splits with her before.  She was a sister trainer leader in the mission.  I don't know if she still is - anyway  - she liked her a lot so I hope all goes well.  She really enjoyed being with Sister Carrigan and was not ready for her to go yet.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Happy Valentines Day! Or if you are a missionary... Don't look at boys day!

Hola Familia! 

     That's fine about the pictures I do like both of them so that is fine! Good thing we have Miriam to keep us in line! :) She is pretty cute and amazing. I had heard that the Olympics had started from a few members but not much more than that and it hasn't interfered at all so that is good. The weather has been good here I only have had to wear a jacket, but supposedly that is changing soon because there is a "storm" coming in with ice and snow and everybody is panicking and as of now we can't drive our cars or ride bikes tomorrow. So only on foot and we will see what happens after that. I don't like cold weather especially when it interferes with the work. Hopefully it goes away soon! (She is responding to stuff I told and asked her in my letter - I sent her some pictures and they were the wrong ones Miriam informed me)

     Tell Vivi and her family that I said hello as well and they are in my prayers and I hope all is going well. If I could speak or write in Spanish I would send her something but that is still a VERY slow work in progress. One day... Then I can go visit with her and communicate with her in her language. :)

     We don't really have any sisters close to us so we just do things by ourselves. We were going to go to Stone Mountain today, but it was closed because of the weather. So we will be going there and the Hindu temple hopefully next week which I am super excited about. I have seen the temple lit up and it is very pretty, pictures are to come!

     The Bishops introduced the new ward mission plan yesterday and it is two words. Be friendly. We got smiley face pins and everything and he is encouraging all the members to do what they can to reach out to their friends family and associates. There is something that everyone can do in this work to help row the ores. He says we are all on a scale form the "Secret Agent Mormons" to the really out going ones and Heavenly Father has a job for us all. So he is encouraging us to reach out and be friendly. Which is simple but can have such an impact. We are put in places in where we live and where we work for a reason and it is amazing the impact we can have. I am so grateful to be a part of this gospel and this work. 

      This week I was studying the talk "Lord I Believe", being a missionary though I look at it with a little bit of a different perspective. But it reminds me of a scripture in Alma 13: 24-25 It is so true that Heavenly Father isn't leaving us alone in our work but he is sending help from both sides of the veil to strengthen our belief our courage in spreading the good news of the Gospel and the Atonement. What a great blessing to feel that love daily. 

     Well that is all for this week! I hope all is happy and well, you are having fun, praying always and feeling loved. Have a great week!

     Have a great Valentines day slash don't look at boys or girls day depending on what gender you are... but you get the point. Be friendly, reach out and help someone feel loved! <3 :)

Love you Bye!!
Love Always Sister Rachel Weeks
     I had a short conversation today and told her one of her friends was going to Honduras on a mission and was a little worried about the the food.  Her comments where funny I thought I would share. :
      Rachel: Hey I would be more worried about living conditions than food you can just pray that Heavenly Father kills everyone of your taste buds it worked for me on Saturday, nastiest one I had yet and the worst part is I have no idea what is was and they speak English and so do I... I hate German cock roaches they are nasty and every where. Blech.  
     Mom:What did you eat that was so awful that you prayed for dead taste buds?  You are so funny!  So your apartment has cockroaches?  Ick I do agree they are disgusting little critters!

     Rachel:  I have no idea what is was but it wasn't good but I ate it all and didn't gag once. You should be proud. :) Yep, but my last one had big cockroaches and A LOT  of little ones this one just has little ones. We just kill them and move on. All bugs are gross and Georgia has a plethora of them. Eww.

     So classic Rachel - it was just too funny I had to share!  Love this girl and I am so proud of her - bad food and cockroaches!

Monday, February 3, 2014

G. A. N. M. lockdown

Hola Mi Familia!

      It sounds like y'all had a pretty busy week and you need a little bit of down time to relax or something. I'm glad that Nolan and Kiera are pretty excited, they will have lots of fun. 

      On Tuesday morning we woke up to a voice mail that President sent to all the missionaries through the assistants down to the Zone Leaders and then to us. He told us that there was a prediction of... get this a whopping 3 inches of snow. He said "Now Elders and Sister you may be used to snow where you are from but people here don't know how to handle it. So cars have to be parked at noon and you have to walk wherever you go after that." So after district meeting we came come and it started snowing an hour later we got a call telling us that we had to be inside our apartments. No leaving for the rest of the day. So we were grounded to our apartment for 9 hours.... No fun. I wanted to be out working and going to our appointments but we couldn't. 
     Then on Wednesday they let us walk places so we walked every where we went and because people are scared of the cold, white, slippery stuff that was on the ground they all hole up in their houses so we got to talk to quite a few people because they were trapped. ha ha ha. We tracted around our apartment and got practice with our few lines of Spanish. It was fun though. The spirit still testifies just as strong and they feel it and they wanted to come to church. We ended up walking quite a long ways and I was pretty cold afterwards but I do not regret it it was a lot of fun and I would do it again! :) 

     We taught the Bui family on Wednesday and it was so cool. They are finally starting to understand and were asking how they could know how it is true and what they should do. We have been telling them all along but they are starting to really get it and feel the spirit. We went back on Sunday and they weren't there so hopefully we can see them this week again. 

     We had a sister come and stay with us for a day because she was going home the next morning we had to get up at 4:30 to take her to the mission office the next morning. My brain wasn't functioning so well on Saturday because of it. Two less hours of sleep as a missionary doesn't work out to well but the Lord helped us keep moving along! While we were tracting that day we knocked on a door and the guy opened it and said "Are you Mormons?" We answered yes we are... he said "Well I'm gay." hahahaha oh people. It was really funny. 
Then that night we had dinner with the Residori's who are a couple who work in the mission office. They are so cute, they remind me so much of Gramsy and Gramps and she tells the same things to him as well like if you don't like it go make a peanut butter sandwich. They are so funny it was entertaining. 

     We are working hard to find more people to teach and who are ready to receive the gospels truth and goodness. 

     This week I was studying in Alma chapters 5 and 8. I love in chapter 8 how he says lift up thy head and rejoice for we have great cause to rejoice and heavenly Father loves us and is proud of us. It is true, we have so many things to be grateful for and he wants us to be happy!

     Well that is all for this week! Be happy find things to laugh about and have fun! Love you lots!

Love you bye!
Love Rach
Normally busy street in Lilburn after "snowstorm"

Kids in complex built a snowman  -- around a fire hydrant

Rachel and Sister Carrigan

Rachel in snow storm by apartment