Monday, February 3, 2014

G. A. N. M. lockdown

Hola Mi Familia!

      It sounds like y'all had a pretty busy week and you need a little bit of down time to relax or something. I'm glad that Nolan and Kiera are pretty excited, they will have lots of fun. 

      On Tuesday morning we woke up to a voice mail that President sent to all the missionaries through the assistants down to the Zone Leaders and then to us. He told us that there was a prediction of... get this a whopping 3 inches of snow. He said "Now Elders and Sister you may be used to snow where you are from but people here don't know how to handle it. So cars have to be parked at noon and you have to walk wherever you go after that." So after district meeting we came come and it started snowing an hour later we got a call telling us that we had to be inside our apartments. No leaving for the rest of the day. So we were grounded to our apartment for 9 hours.... No fun. I wanted to be out working and going to our appointments but we couldn't. 
     Then on Wednesday they let us walk places so we walked every where we went and because people are scared of the cold, white, slippery stuff that was on the ground they all hole up in their houses so we got to talk to quite a few people because they were trapped. ha ha ha. We tracted around our apartment and got practice with our few lines of Spanish. It was fun though. The spirit still testifies just as strong and they feel it and they wanted to come to church. We ended up walking quite a long ways and I was pretty cold afterwards but I do not regret it it was a lot of fun and I would do it again! :) 

     We taught the Bui family on Wednesday and it was so cool. They are finally starting to understand and were asking how they could know how it is true and what they should do. We have been telling them all along but they are starting to really get it and feel the spirit. We went back on Sunday and they weren't there so hopefully we can see them this week again. 

     We had a sister come and stay with us for a day because she was going home the next morning we had to get up at 4:30 to take her to the mission office the next morning. My brain wasn't functioning so well on Saturday because of it. Two less hours of sleep as a missionary doesn't work out to well but the Lord helped us keep moving along! While we were tracting that day we knocked on a door and the guy opened it and said "Are you Mormons?" We answered yes we are... he said "Well I'm gay." hahahaha oh people. It was really funny. 
Then that night we had dinner with the Residori's who are a couple who work in the mission office. They are so cute, they remind me so much of Gramsy and Gramps and she tells the same things to him as well like if you don't like it go make a peanut butter sandwich. They are so funny it was entertaining. 

     We are working hard to find more people to teach and who are ready to receive the gospels truth and goodness. 

     This week I was studying in Alma chapters 5 and 8. I love in chapter 8 how he says lift up thy head and rejoice for we have great cause to rejoice and heavenly Father loves us and is proud of us. It is true, we have so many things to be grateful for and he wants us to be happy!

     Well that is all for this week! Be happy find things to laugh about and have fun! Love you lots!

Love you bye!
Love Rach
Normally busy street in Lilburn after "snowstorm"

Kids in complex built a snowman  -- around a fire hydrant

Rachel and Sister Carrigan

Rachel in snow storm by apartment

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