Monday, February 10, 2014

Happy Valentines Day! Or if you are a missionary... Don't look at boys day!

Hola Familia! 

     That's fine about the pictures I do like both of them so that is fine! Good thing we have Miriam to keep us in line! :) She is pretty cute and amazing. I had heard that the Olympics had started from a few members but not much more than that and it hasn't interfered at all so that is good. The weather has been good here I only have had to wear a jacket, but supposedly that is changing soon because there is a "storm" coming in with ice and snow and everybody is panicking and as of now we can't drive our cars or ride bikes tomorrow. So only on foot and we will see what happens after that. I don't like cold weather especially when it interferes with the work. Hopefully it goes away soon! (She is responding to stuff I told and asked her in my letter - I sent her some pictures and they were the wrong ones Miriam informed me)

     Tell Vivi and her family that I said hello as well and they are in my prayers and I hope all is going well. If I could speak or write in Spanish I would send her something but that is still a VERY slow work in progress. One day... Then I can go visit with her and communicate with her in her language. :)

     We don't really have any sisters close to us so we just do things by ourselves. We were going to go to Stone Mountain today, but it was closed because of the weather. So we will be going there and the Hindu temple hopefully next week which I am super excited about. I have seen the temple lit up and it is very pretty, pictures are to come!

     The Bishops introduced the new ward mission plan yesterday and it is two words. Be friendly. We got smiley face pins and everything and he is encouraging all the members to do what they can to reach out to their friends family and associates. There is something that everyone can do in this work to help row the ores. He says we are all on a scale form the "Secret Agent Mormons" to the really out going ones and Heavenly Father has a job for us all. So he is encouraging us to reach out and be friendly. Which is simple but can have such an impact. We are put in places in where we live and where we work for a reason and it is amazing the impact we can have. I am so grateful to be a part of this gospel and this work. 

      This week I was studying the talk "Lord I Believe", being a missionary though I look at it with a little bit of a different perspective. But it reminds me of a scripture in Alma 13: 24-25 It is so true that Heavenly Father isn't leaving us alone in our work but he is sending help from both sides of the veil to strengthen our belief our courage in spreading the good news of the Gospel and the Atonement. What a great blessing to feel that love daily. 

     Well that is all for this week! I hope all is happy and well, you are having fun, praying always and feeling loved. Have a great week!

     Have a great Valentines day slash don't look at boys or girls day depending on what gender you are... but you get the point. Be friendly, reach out and help someone feel loved! <3 :)

Love you Bye!!
Love Always Sister Rachel Weeks
     I had a short conversation today and told her one of her friends was going to Honduras on a mission and was a little worried about the the food.  Her comments where funny I thought I would share. :
      Rachel: Hey I would be more worried about living conditions than food you can just pray that Heavenly Father kills everyone of your taste buds it worked for me on Saturday, nastiest one I had yet and the worst part is I have no idea what is was and they speak English and so do I... I hate German cock roaches they are nasty and every where. Blech.  
     Mom:What did you eat that was so awful that you prayed for dead taste buds?  You are so funny!  So your apartment has cockroaches?  Ick I do agree they are disgusting little critters!

     Rachel:  I have no idea what is was but it wasn't good but I ate it all and didn't gag once. You should be proud. :) Yep, but my last one had big cockroaches and A LOT  of little ones this one just has little ones. We just kill them and move on. All bugs are gross and Georgia has a plethora of them. Eww.

     So classic Rachel - it was just too funny I had to share!  Love this girl and I am so proud of her - bad food and cockroaches!

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