Monday, March 31, 2014

Knocking in the Rain

Hola Como Estas?

     It is a sunny happy day here in Lilburn! Sister Blaylock and I are excited that we get to stay together another transfer and work our hardest. It was a good week. We did a lot of finding and going out and talking to people. We busted out 3 or 4 hours of knocking doors almost everyday this week. It was pretty fun! Talking to people is awesome. On Saturday it was pouring and we got caught in it away from the car and got pretty wet but it made it more fun and we laughed harder. And of course we passed a street sign that we wanted a picture by so we just had to stop. Just how things roll. :)

     We have been working with Q a lot this week to help her be strong and continue to grow. She told us that she has found an undeniable peace in her life and she learns more everyday as she reads the Book of Mormon. She also said that everything is making sense. She came to church on Sunday with her children and loved it. Her kids are kinda crazy though... Whooo. She had been once before and many people remembered her and said hello. She was amazed and felt loved. My testimony of the importance of members keeps on growing. She feels so welcomed and it is making the difference the friends she has made and them keeping contact with her as well. We are so excited for her. This week we invited her to pray about it and set her own Baptismal date and she set it for May 16. She is so excited to get baptized. It won't be easy and she will have obstacles to overcome but we know that she can do it.  We are doing our best to help her along the way. She also got to go to a baptism and said she can't wait for her she just doesn't want to cry in front of every one and asked is she would be the first one to do that. And we told her hardly. :)

      Then we had a pretty cool experience with a family in the ward. We asked them to do an experiment with us.  We would work our hardest to find someone to teach in their home in two weeks. And we would both pray that we could find them. We were tracting a couple neighborhoods away from their house and found a Mom and 2 children. Ethel the Mom had been taught 8 years ago and attended church and wanted us to come back and talk to her children. The family we are doing this with have been praying and so have we that we could find that specific person and we know that Heavenly Father wants these families to meet each other. We taught them a lesson on Saturday and her kids want to know and are sincere in their desires and  they know some of the youth. Heavenly Father is blessing us and we are so grateful. 

     The Women's Broad cast was so great and I am so excited for General Conference this weekend. Elder Kopischke told us something pretty interesting, If we think of Joseph smith and how strongly James 1:5 hit him and wonder, there are a lot of people who read the Bible every day and study it and no one ever talked about that specific verse hitting them that strongly. But, Heavenly Father knew exactly what Joseph Smith needed at that time and what was going to lead him to that grove on his knees in prayer. He was prepared and ready and seeking. And that is how we should be with every meeting that we go into. Especially General Conference. Go with questions. If an all knowing being loves us that much and knows us that well, we know that he will answer our questions as long as we come prepared and seeking. I am so excited for General Conference and the opportunity that we have to watch it and ponder their words, get my questions answered, learn new things and better myself as a person. Because honestly that is what this life is for. I am so grateful. We be blessed. Christ is our Savior Redeemer and friend.

Well, I think that is all for this week. Have a great week! I love you all lots and pray for you always!

Peace and blessin's 

Love Sister Weeks (Rachel)

It was pouring rain - but we had to stop for this sign!

Rain clouds that dumped on us and we got soaked and then we just laughed!

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