Monday, March 3, 2014

Keep on Knockin'

Hola Familia!

     Sorry I forgot to tell you, I did get both of the packages and I appreciate it lots, I was pretty excited. Thanks so much for all you do!! :) Sister Blaylock does have a GPS so we don't have to worry about it for now... Maybe the Ipads will come soon. This week Elder Quinten L. Cook and L. Whitney Clayton are coming to talk to all the missionaries and next week Elder Kopichke. We are all excited, they are like celebrities here! :)

     I met someone in the ward that grew up in Tremonton and she said her Dad Calvin Hunsaker used to teach math at the High School for a long time so you might know him. Both of her parents Calvin and Nancy Hunsaker both still live there. She found Aunt Tammie in her year book it was pretty funny! Small world! 

      I practiced a lot of Spanish this week while tracting around our area, we gave a couple new investigators to the Spanish elders and they spoke enough English to know what we were talking about with the few things that I know and I invited him to be baptized in the first contact. It was amazing! I have no idea how I did it because it was our goal this week to invite 3. I was scared but I could just feel the spirit working through me and he said yes. It was an amazing experience.

     This week was to work our absolute hardest and President Wolfert has asked us to tract/ knock doors for 2 hours a day so we did this week and we talked to a lot of people. Having meaningful conversations and invited them to strengthen their faith in Jesus Christ, it was a great week. We have some lessons scheduled for this upcoming week. We KNOW we can only do it with Heavenly Fathers help and we are excited to be companions and working together. We laugh so much and have a lot of fun. Because missionary work is supposed to be fun! We are just going to continue to knock doors and love the people and work with the ward and work our hardest. YAY! 

      This week in my studies I have been studying in Alma, specifically chapter 26. And it reminded me of a talk given in church vs. 5 The question should never be is the field white and ready to harvest but am I willing to thrust in the sickle with my might? Then he asks what blessing he has bestowed upon us and goes onto say that "We have been made instruments in the hands of God to bring about his great work." I am striving daily to embrace that and ask myself am I willing to thrust in the sickle with my might? What a great blessing it is to be an instrument in the hands of a loving Heavenly Father and to be able to feel his spirit work through you to the blessing of those we are talking with. I am truly amazed and grateful. What a great blessing it is to actually be used to help Heavenly Father with his glorious work and it is moving forth. 

     Well, I think that is all for this week! I hope that all is safe happy and well and I love you ALL have a great week! I love ya lots! Keep praying, and being happy and studying!

Love Rachel! 
  All Hail elder Roberts....LAME!

Bye Sister Carrigan - so sad to see you go.

Sister Blaylock and Rachel on the top of Stone Mountain
Hindu Temple

Hindu Temple

Sisters Blaylock and Weeks in front of Hindu Temple

Victory ! I Killed a cockroach - With my companions shoe!

Ninja on top of the world or Stone Mountain

The view from on top of Stone Mountain

 snow  in Georgia - It shuts them down

Stone Mountain Park

Rachel on Stone Mountain

Stone Mountain

Brother and Sister Atkins, Sisters Blaylock and Weeks

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