Monday, March 17, 2014

Power and Gloom

Dear Family,

     How are things? It has been a little bit of a gloomy couple of days here in Lilburn. There has been a lot of overcast skies and lots of rain, that isn't warm so I don't appreciate it. Then there is a young couple in the ward, the Rusch's. They were expecting their first child Addison she was born Wednesday and only lived until Friday and she was on many high speed ventilator machines almost her whole life. She brought so much joy with her into this life and encouraged many. Sister Rusch is the only member in her family. I know that little Addison is a missionary on the other side loving and caring for all those around her. The power of Christ's Atonement is so real. The fact that we will see our family again surrounds me with feelings of love and comfort. My heart reaches out in compassion to this amazing family. Their faith is strong and they have set a great example. We went to the funeral today for our P-day. "Mommy" and "Daddy" wrote a letter to their precious beautiful daughter that was read. I am truly grateful for the Priesthood and the spirit, it is truly a comfort and a precious gift. They will see her again. 

     Sorry for the gloomy paragraph now this week, Sister Blaylock and I had the opportunity to teach Sister Andriamaromanana this week and her two daughters. Maelle and Yara, they have a sincerity about them of wanting to learn. They didn't make it to church on Sunday, but we are going back this week to teach them again. They show a lot of support to their Mom who is the only member in the family and I know that Heavenly Father is blessing them with more unity because of this and opportunities to share her testimony with her daughters and husband. She is a great example and has a lot of faith. 
     We stopped by the Bui's on Saturday night after letting them have a break to see if they would read. She has been reading and said she felt that something is missing and she knows that it is the presence of the spirit. We invited her to keep reading and experiment with us for a time to see what would come of it and we bore testimony that if she came to church seeking her questions will be answered. We have inoculated them and are praying daily and we are leaving them in the Lords hands. I love that we are able to do that and know that they are taken care of. It all starts with faith which of course leads to action and power. While I was talking to her I felt like it was someone else. I know that the spirit was speaking through me and telling them exactly what they needed to hear. We are praying for them. 

     We got to meet another apostle this week Elder Kopischke pretty cool!  He gave us a lot of advice and so much counsel. I am in awe and it is I think the most powerful meetings I have ever been in. We are truly blessed. Four apostles of the Lord in just over a week. I love what he said about the spirit sometimes we think we aren't worthy enough if we aren't getting answers, but worthiness is defined as being teachable to the spirit. Truly amazing! Not that we are sinning but are we teachable. And he said stop over thinking it and just act. Don't procrastinate until you don't have to act anymore. That is so true and I have been striving to do that this week. When we are being obedient we know it is the spirit and we just need to follow it right then. Then he asked the question "You have the Holy Ghost. Are you really taking conscious advantage of it? The spirit is the single most important element." I love it. It gives me a lot to think about and that is only like 2 lines of the notes that I took -  there are still 5 more pages. It is chuck full of advice and things that Heavenly Father knew that I needed to hear. I am so grateful. We can only receive what we open our heart to in all the meetings. Revelation usually only comes to questions and it is something we have to invest in and work for. LOVE IT.

     We had a lady get all ghetto on us this week... and she went all Sassy on us. HILARIOUS. I couldn't stop laughing she was telling us about all the times she got kicked out of churches and all the people she has sassed up one side and down the other. Wooo . It was pretty entertaining! I loved it. :)  Except for the spirit was not there. It is amazing how easy it is to catch on to things like, I am grateful. 

     Well, I think that is all for this week! Have a great week, I love you lots and you are always in my prayers. 

     We have a loving forgiving Heavenly Father who sent his son to pay the ultimate price. The Atonement is real and we are truly blessed as we strive to understand it more everyday.


Love Sister Weeks (Rachel)

We had a car check at Zone Conference and we won!!!! Hard work paid off, so that is our treat and we were so excited we jumped up and Sis Blaylock hugged me. Too much you say??? Well we ain't even mad. :)

We drink green smoothies every  morning. Surprised? Thought you would be, yes I'm still your daughter but I have so much more energy and it isn't half bad. I have to get healthy things in my body some how... :)

Sister Blaylock and Sister Weeks after Zone conference

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