Monday, March 10, 2014

The Faith to Find and......A Celebrity!

Hey Yall!

      It had been a fantastic week here in Lilburn! We have been trying to work our hardest! It was a pretty good week. When we were teaching some investigators last transfer we met a couple named Charles and Tracy. He is Muslim and says he is open to hearing what we have to say but doesn't want to convert. We gave them our card and we hadn't seen them in a while. Then out of no where they called us and Tracy said she is interested and wants to learn. It was really cool! So this week we have got to meet with them twice. The spirit has been so strong in both of the lessons. We are so blessed to be able to meet with them again. They have a sincere desire to learn about Gods kingdom on the earth today and she said that she wants to get baptized! They are amazing, even Charles heart is softening and he asks many questions and is reading The Book of Mormon as well. Miracles do happen, it says so in Mormon.

      On Saturday I got to meet Elder Quentin L. Cook AND I got to shake his hand and he told me I had a beautiful smile... Not that I'm tooting my own horn or anything but it was pretty cool. :) And he probably said it to everyone.

      I love what he talked about, he is definitely an inspirited man. He talked a lot about faith. In Preach My Gospel there is a section on Praying with faith in Ch 4. I love it. He said we should put our doubts in a corner and one by one throughout our life they will be blasted away. What a cool word to use BLASTED. Ohhh yeahh. Then I was studying that this morning and in Alma 31: 30-38 it talks about how much Alma accomplished all because he prayed with faith. It is such an important attribute of our Savior Jesus Christ. There is a section about it in Ch 6 of PMG as well. I love it! So we have been trying to exercise faith this week and it is amazing how far it goes. It really is possible to do all things in the strength of the Lord as long as we believe.  Then in True to the Faith about Faith as well, it is pretty cool. It defines it so simply and helped me understand the concept a lot better. What a blessing! We need faith, that is how we receive miracles and blessing and overcome our challenges and opposition.

      In 5 months time we have got to meet 2 apostles of the Lord. That is a rarity and a definite blessing, we are very blessed.

      We had a really neat experience that shows that Heavenly Fathers is blessing us if we put forth the work and effort. We decided that we needed to pray with More faith, specifically for a tracting spot on Sunday. We both had a Member come in to our mind. We picked a couple of Streets around their house and we prayed for each street. We both felt good about one specific street. So we prayed and asked Heavenly Father if he would help us go about with this plan with faith. We both had the faith that there was someone there that would listen to us. Most of the doors opened. but not a lot where interested. We were walking and found this guy outside working on his car. We went towards him. We begin to talk to him and he said that He is in the process of switching over religions to the Baptist faith because his father-in -law is a pastor. He didn't seem to excited about it. We talked to him about the book of Mormon and gave him one. and said that he would look into it. We were about to leave. When we felt prompted to tell him about priesthood power and that he could have it. Sis Blaylock looked at him and said "I feel like I should tell you about what we call the priesthood before we leave". He didn't know what it was and thought only if you went to school for that you could have it. We both testified of the Power of The Priesthood and how our dads have it, and how they use it to bless our home and family.  The Spirit was so strong. He looked at us and said "Really, I can have that". We got his information and can't wait to contact him soon. He said that it was a blessing that we came by to talk to him. This experience truly built my testimony in faith. As we put that faith in Christ in helping us find those who need to hear the message we will be led and guided to those who need it and not only that we will KNOW what we need to say. I am so thankful for the Holy Ghost. We are so blessed to have it.

      We meet with the Gibson's every week.  They are a hilarious older couple that are less active. She says she can't remember names so she just calls us a number I am Sister # 3. It is pretty funny. And she makes me play the piano for her every week. We conned them into coming to church when Sister Carrigan gave a talk and, they came this week because Elder Piper a member of the 70 came to our Stake Conference. It was so cool. Also Sister Andriamaromanana, she is from Madagascar and is the only member in her family. We happened to stop by a couple weeks ago right after her Mom passed away and we took here visiting teachers there this week and the Spirit prompted us to go at just the right time. She has been struggling with it. She has strong faith and is a great example to her family that are not members.

      Daylight savings time killed us though... We already don't get enough sleep as it is and we lost an hour, bummer. Sometimes when we get in bed instead of sleeping we talk and laugh... maybe we have too much fun! Sister Blaylock is amazing. She has a powerful testimony and has a way of relating to others and knows how to spread the gospel. We get a long great! Missionary work is so much fun with her! It is fun all the time though. We both laugh lots. I killed another big roach last night. Nasty. VICTORY. Sister Blaylock videoed it, we were laughing pretty hard.

     Well, that is all for this week! Have a great week and be happy and safe! Love ya lots!


Love Sister Weeks (Rach)
Another beautiful sunset

Die hard missionaries....
Even in the snow!

Missionaries in front of Hindu Temple

Hindu Temple stone peacock

More around the Hindu Temple sight.

Rachel in front of the Hindu Temple.

Another classic sign that she loves to find!

She said whitie girl an Sister Andriamaromanana

Sisters Weeks and Carrigan being weirdos
Hiding under a desk - I do not know why.

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