Monday, April 28, 2014

We went to the zoo...

Hola Familia!

     We had a pretty interesting and eventful week.  A couple Saturday's ago we were knocking doors and ran into a woman named Lacey who said that she had met with missionaries before and gone to seminary when she was 16 in Maryland. We know that we were supposed to be on that street to find her. So we set up a return appointment and went back on Wednesday. She was telling us all about her seminary days. How she lost her quad in a move and how she just loved doing baptisms for the dead.... That was a shock. Sister Blaylock and I were on splits and I was with a member. I think my face was very shocked. I guess she didn't feel the need to mention that her and her mom had been baptized! What?! It was crazy but it was so exciting. She is married and has 6 children ranging form 7 months to 19 years old.  None of them are members. I know that Heavenly Father needed us on that street to find her. We gave her a Book of Mormon again and she started reading. She said that she still knows it is true. That spark is still there. 

      One of the members took us to visit someone that she met at a storage facility and she invited her to church.  We were waiting for her to finish talking to someone else in a line. Someone else approached us and asked if we were from a Christian school. We told him who we were and one of them said that he was baptized when he was 14 and hasn't really been that much since. But he is moving to Virginia. Then his friend wanted a book of Mormon. Actually they both did. We ended up teaching a lesson right there. Once again. Right place right time. Heavenly Fathers timing is perfect. 

     Q and Jose are doing well. They had a little rough patch this week and got a little discouraged. Because they were struggling with some problems that they had been having. But they are both getting baptized on May 17th and married in the morning. Q came to church and really enjoyed it again.  She really feels the love of the members and their welcome. She was late again though. We taught the Word of Wisdom, she said that she believes it and is going to try it so she can be healthier. Heavenly Father prepared her heart and softened it. 

     Then sometimes during a lesson you are just bearing your testimony about Joseph Smith teaching the restoration and trying to have the spirit with you when BAM. An investigators child just flings a shoe at your head and it hits spot on. Ooooo. I went cross eyed for a second don't worry. Never mind I already had a headache. Oh well. Then when you have to back up the car for your companion and you open the door and she puts it in neutral. The car is on a hill so it slides backwards and the door hits you and knocks you down. I might have a few bruises. But I am still hoppin. She didn't do it on purpose... I think. Good thing I like Sister Blaylock. 
     We also taught Primary this week. The 6 year olds. Man oh man. I forgot how big of pills they can be... Jeepers. Sit down and please be quiet does not mean a thing to them. But we made though with only a little bit of bribery sugar does wonders. Especially if it is the last 5 minutes of the class. Sugar em up and send em home. That's our motto. 

     Ferrets,  lizards  rats, bunnies, bearded dragons Oh my. So we stopped by this Less Actives house this week who has a zoo in her house. I don't really like animals that much but ya know..So we get in there and she pulls out her Ferrets. Have you ever seen one before? They are creepy looking. and then right when we are sharing our testimonies one jumps on me. So I started blocking it  with my Book of Mormon  . "ehhh ehh ehh". I pretty much have the best companion in the world because she took it off of me. Eww. She likes animals but not ferrets.  Ya not a fan. But we both survived the zoo house. We died of Laughter later. Missions really do bring a lot of exciting things and stories I suppose. 

     I thought I would share something about Preach my Gospel. When it was revealed through a prophet and apostles I don't think that Heavenly Father ever meant for it to be something that was just for missionaries. And if he meant that he meant it in the sense that every member a missionary. If everyone were to read and study it they would find themselves drawing closer to Jesus Christ. Developing more Christ-like attributes and not taking the basics of the gospel for granted. Principles like the atonement can truly can be opened to our minds and we can see greater and deeper meanings to strengthen our testimony. I love it. Every time I open it I can feel it's power and just how much Heavenly Father loves all of his children. It is true that the more we understand the Gospel and in essence the Atonement (after all they are interchangeable words) the greater our desire to share it. There are people all around us members and nonmembers alike who need strengthening in the gospel and we have a commission to help them. And what do we get from it more blessings and a deeper conversion ourselves. The blessings are never ending. I am grateful for Preach My Gospel and it makes me wish that I could use it more effectively and understand it better. As well as be a better instrument in the hands of the Lord.

     It was a great week. We are excited to continue on in the Lords work. Well, have a great week. I love you all lots and pray for you always! 

Ciao! :)

Love Sister Weeks (Rachel)
A little extra I gleaned that I thought was interesting.   She said they eat with members almost every day and they feed them very well and way too many sweets.  I told her she needed to walk more or ride her bike and she said the weather has been a little bit rainy and it isn't very safe to ride bikes in the area that we are in. There isn't really and side walks and the roads are really skinny.  I asked how many car miles they got each month and she said "We get 1150 miles every month but because we won the clean car award during zone conference we got 50 extra miles! YAY! That took a lot of hard work."  She said that "We went on 13 team ups this week so that is pretty good! We go pretty often. The work in Lilburn is kinda hard but I still like it."  She said they mostly go out with members on the splits and that they are very helpful.  It's great to know she is doing fine and loving the work that she is doing.

She says this is #swag.  I just think she is adorable

Really cool house we found.  We will go back one day when it isn't raining so hard.

She says this is gangsta style.  I wonder if she uses that look as a door approach?

Monday, April 21, 2014

Know Christ, Know Peace. No Christ, No peace!

Hola Familia! 

     It was a long but good week here in Georgia. We had the wonderful opportunity to remember the most important event in the history of the earth. The great sacrifice and resurrection of our Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ. The complete act of love and devotion to save all sinners from their infirmities and weaknesses. We truly to have someone who knows exactly how we feel. Just like the angel knelt down beside him and comforted him in his time of need he does so for us every day of our lives.  I imagine that's what he does to every single one of us on a daily basis because he truly does understand. He is the light in the darkness. His light is the light that cannot be hid. 

     This week we had a lesson with Q and her boyfriend Jose. We have been praying and pondering about how we could best help them both progress together and we had a lesson on Wednesday night with a member. We tried to focus a lot of Jose and answer his questions and he came right out and said "Well, I want to be baptized." Before he had just told us that he had already been baptized and didn't give any other answers. But our prayers were answered and we were able to have a little bit more light into the situation. We asked him why he wanted to be baptized and he said he wants to be closer to God and be cleansed from all his sins and mistakes. Q said she is really proud of him and they committed to pray about a day that they should get married and they want to get baptized on the same day May 16! We are so excited and happy for them. They both came to church will all 3 of their kids!

     I went on exchanges with Sister Winegar. It was a lot of fun, she is the cutest and such a good missionary.  We knocked a lot of doors and got to talk to a lot of people. We just busted out 4 hours of tracting and I got my first sunburn. :)  The next morning we were asked to go and talk to the kids in seminary.  5:45 am whooo. The teacher asked us about teaching and how our teaching has improved since coming on a mission. I was thinking about it and it makes me so grateful for Preach my Gospel it is such a great resource. As well as studying. Treasure it up! All the promises in the scriptures are true. 

     Well tracting always brings many great and interesting experiences and we get to see really what the world is coming to these days. This week we had  a vast variety of experiences...The ones that stick out to me are the people who are searching but don't want to partake yet. We tracted into this guy named Scott. Very nice guy with a very nice family. He had been baptist all of his life. But he said that recently he just feels there is something missing. He knows that there is more to baptism, and that Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost are all three separate beings. He said he can feel that there is something that is missing and he doesn't know what it is. Now when you hear someone say this after tracting into the last 20 doors before this house who say "There can't be more Scripture" " You don't believe in the Real Jesus" or " Go away I already have a church". Your heart starts beating really fast. And all you want to do is Scream at him. WE HAVE THE TRUTH... IT IS WHAT YOUR SEARCHING FOR"!!!  Their souls are screaming that to us. I just know it. :) This is the reason Heavenly Father wanted us on that street was to testify of Joseph Smith and The Book of Mormon. Well Scott has a best friend who is a member who has apparently been having discussions with him for the past 10 years. I know that we were sent there that day to add our testimony to his friends. It almost hurts more when you know they are searching and you know they are close to accepting it and they simply aren't quite ready yet. But I love those moments when you can see in their eyes and can feel the Holy Ghost testify of Truth. One Day Scott's heart will open up a little more and he and his family will accept. 

     We met a guy this week who told us that he is never going to change religions because he likes his church to much because you will never guess why... It has a bar in it. Whelp... never heard that one before, he said this while drinking a can of beer... Oh brother. It keeps getting better and better. Also lets all just take a note of this ladies and gents. Please open the door with pants on.. Wooo. Ehhh, awkward!
But we know that Heavenly Father is blessing us and we are seeing his hand in our life everyday. It was a great week to remember the Savior and his great sacrifice. We are so blessed and loved. I love something that Elder Scott said in conference "Sincerely love those we want to help in righteousness so they can know they have a Heavenly Father who loves them." I am trying to do that. We meet a lot of amazing people everyday. A few interesting ones too. 

     Well have a great week, I love you all! Play hard, Pray hard!! 

Love Sister Weeks (Rachel)
Cool Georgia Hat!
Q, Jose and family at church this week  They want to be baptized!

Scale of one to precious?  Precious!

My Easter candy and gifts from home! :)


Monday, April 14, 2014

"My best is good enough!"


     This Monday we had Q and her kids over at President and Sister Wolferts house (The plus of being in the same ward as them) for family home evening. Of course she loved it and she wants that in her own family. We also had a lesson with Q and Jose yesterday at a members house and the spirit was really strong. We had planned a lesson on tithing and then about an hour before felt like we should do something different but weren't sure what. We ended up watching "Safety for the Soul" and talked about the importance of the Book of Mormon and how true and profound it is. We would have liked to have been more prepared but the spirit kicked right in and witnessed to me yet again the importance of member missionary work. We are no where without the members and I am grateful. The spirit was so strong.

     Well, this week I was studying about the Atonement. There is a super cool talk by Elder Holland called "Missionary Work and the Atonement" It is about missionary work but I think it applies to life as well. It gives me chills. I got one of the Book of Mormons that I carry around every day that we give to people and I started marking in red all the references to the atonement and it is one of the coolest things ever. I love studying it and it is so true how it says in my PMG the more you understand the Atonement the great your desire is to share the gospel and I feel like the deeper my conversion grows.

     I watched this video yesterday about the atonement and it touched my very deeply. It is called the Savior suffers in Gethsemane... 

     So good. The Atonement is such an overwhelming and mind blowing concept. I tried to imagine while watching that video how I would have felt if I was watching and I can't even imagine. It makes me even more grateful and, it is the perfect time to think about it this Easter season. We are so loved and blessed.  I love the angel that comes and comforts him as well, it was comforting. 

     Also on Tuesday Sister Blaylock and I gave a training at Zone Meeting, it went pretty well and we even made a little cycle on what our training was about. The spirit definitely did all the work. Phew. Glad that is over with, but it was a pretty good opportunity.

     Then we had interviews with President and he made me repeat over and over "My best is good enough" I think that is a lesson for all of us in life. Our own personal best IS good enough not anybody else's and that is all Heavenly Father cares about. The amazing thing is that the Atonement makes up the rest. We have opportunities everyday to strengthen our faith and improve our best, but for today, MY BEST IS GOOD ENOUGH. Remember that y'all. :) President Wolfert works so hard and I can't even imagine what he goes through, but I am grateful.

     This week we have just been finding and laughing lots and doing our best. We hope to have another great week ahead of us and work hard.

     I love ya lots and pray for you always!!


Love Sister Weeks (Rachel) 
This is the lesson we taught in meeting Zone Meeting. When Elder Kopischke came he told us to do this with our investigators and this is what our training was on.

P-day activity:  Trying on dresses for the fun of it in a store!

Twin dresses - fun activity huh!

Monday, April 7, 2014

We talk of Christ, we testify of Christ, we love Christ

Hola Familia!

     It was a great week here in Lilburn. We have been working with Q really closely this week, I think every time we see here she gets more excited about her baptism. Her oldest daughter Angela just turned 8 and said she wants to get baptized too. Q works at nights 3 days of the week and we went to her house 30 minutes before conference started on Sunday and she said she was coming. After many calls and text messages later she texted us in the second session that she had fallen asleep again and she wouldn't be coming. Sister Blaylock and I were so sad we know that if she would have come she would have received the answers to her questions that she has been seeking for. We taught her the Law of Chastity this week and that is one of the answers she was seeking for. She lives with her boyfriend Jose and their three children. We have been trying to involve all of them and help them all feel the spirit. She says she wants to get married and Jose is all for it, she just wants to get an answer from Heavenly Father. We just keep praying that she can recognize her answer and do everything we can to help her.
     We also have met with Elton and Jasmine. They are step siblings and came to a church tour this week. They stood and looked at the picture of Christ in the foyer for a long time and we know that they felt his spirit there. We played some music in the chapel and they both said they felt strongly. Elton came to conference at a members house and he says he feels like he has got an answer that the church is true. The strength of the youth in these days is amazing. Their capacity to feel the spirit and endure is evidence that Heavenly Fathers hand is in each of our lives and he is preparing many no matter their ages. I am grateful.

     Watching General Conference is like Christmas. The talks and words from chosen servants of God were so amazing. I loved every minute of it. One of my favorite talks was by Elder Uchtdorf. I love how he talked about gratitude and how it is the one thing that we can do in life to make it sweeter and more joyous. I love when  he said "Through the eyes of faith we look beyond our present day challenges. Not gratitude of the lips but of the soul" All of the talks were very inspiring and helped me have an more firm resolve to try harder ever day and do better. I want to be the best instrument in the hands of Heavenly Father that I can be. It is so true that a testimony of the Savior Jesus Christ is so important and complete conversion to it is just as important. Being Grateful in our circumstances instead of just when we are grateful for our circumstances. I learned so much and I just want to apply it all. I love most of all that he said Gratitude is a catalyst to all Christ-like attributes. 

      I loved that 2 of the apostles came right out and said. We echo the words of Sidney Rigdon and Joseph Smith about Jesus Christ He lives for we  have seen him. They are truly special witnesses of the Savior Jesus Christ. They know his power grace and divinity because "They now KNOW." I get chills thinking about it. How amazing is that?

     I just love it here it is so fun! Being in the south makes me say things that I normally wouldn't. What can I say it is a gangsta, swag, and charming way of life. :) 

     Well I hope you all have a great week, I love ya lots and pray for you always!

Peace and blessin's


Love Sister Weeks (Rachel)
Thugs....its a way of life!

Pretty trees here in spring!
Coolin off in the AC after tracting in humid weather.

Look What happens when the elders steal your camera.  Weird!

Our district

We must hike up these hills to tract sometimes!