Monday, April 14, 2014

"My best is good enough!"


     This Monday we had Q and her kids over at President and Sister Wolferts house (The plus of being in the same ward as them) for family home evening. Of course she loved it and she wants that in her own family. We also had a lesson with Q and Jose yesterday at a members house and the spirit was really strong. We had planned a lesson on tithing and then about an hour before felt like we should do something different but weren't sure what. We ended up watching "Safety for the Soul" and talked about the importance of the Book of Mormon and how true and profound it is. We would have liked to have been more prepared but the spirit kicked right in and witnessed to me yet again the importance of member missionary work. We are no where without the members and I am grateful. The spirit was so strong.

     Well, this week I was studying about the Atonement. There is a super cool talk by Elder Holland called "Missionary Work and the Atonement" It is about missionary work but I think it applies to life as well. It gives me chills. I got one of the Book of Mormons that I carry around every day that we give to people and I started marking in red all the references to the atonement and it is one of the coolest things ever. I love studying it and it is so true how it says in my PMG the more you understand the Atonement the great your desire is to share the gospel and I feel like the deeper my conversion grows.

     I watched this video yesterday about the atonement and it touched my very deeply. It is called the Savior suffers in Gethsemane... 

     So good. The Atonement is such an overwhelming and mind blowing concept. I tried to imagine while watching that video how I would have felt if I was watching and I can't even imagine. It makes me even more grateful and, it is the perfect time to think about it this Easter season. We are so loved and blessed.  I love the angel that comes and comforts him as well, it was comforting. 

     Also on Tuesday Sister Blaylock and I gave a training at Zone Meeting, it went pretty well and we even made a little cycle on what our training was about. The spirit definitely did all the work. Phew. Glad that is over with, but it was a pretty good opportunity.

     Then we had interviews with President and he made me repeat over and over "My best is good enough" I think that is a lesson for all of us in life. Our own personal best IS good enough not anybody else's and that is all Heavenly Father cares about. The amazing thing is that the Atonement makes up the rest. We have opportunities everyday to strengthen our faith and improve our best, but for today, MY BEST IS GOOD ENOUGH. Remember that y'all. :) President Wolfert works so hard and I can't even imagine what he goes through, but I am grateful.

     This week we have just been finding and laughing lots and doing our best. We hope to have another great week ahead of us and work hard.

     I love ya lots and pray for you always!!


Love Sister Weeks (Rachel) 
This is the lesson we taught in meeting Zone Meeting. When Elder Kopischke came he told us to do this with our investigators and this is what our training was on.

P-day activity:  Trying on dresses for the fun of it in a store!

Twin dresses - fun activity huh!

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