Monday, May 26, 2014

In Greensboro we drive a truck!

Hey there,

      We have seen many miracles and tender mercies and I know that the hand of the Lord is in all of it and I am so grateful. We met with Stevie, one of our investigators, and we were able to bear our testimonies about the importance of reading and being able to gain knowledge and a testimony. He said he wants to know like we know and we told him there is a way but it takes action. Stevie is searching and when he knows he'll know. We invited him to read everyday and he didn't say yes but he said he would try his hardest so we're praying for him. He loves sports and we whipped out a little sports analogy and he really liked it. :)
      We also met with Margarite who lost her husband a couple weeks ago. We had the opportunity to explain the Plan of Salvation to her and the Sisters left a pamphlet with her when they knocked on her door just a day after her husband has passed away. She met with missionaries 11 years ago and she said she knows that the Lord has been preparing her all this time. She still has the Book of Mormon that they gave her and she has been reading since they last talked to her. She wants to go to the temple to be sealed to her husband and she said this Plan brings her a lot of peace.  She knew that there had to be something else that He wasn't just sleeping.  Heavenly Father has definitely been preparing her!  She loves to talk.
      Then later in the week we were tracting on a road in the middle of no where (not an uncommon occurrence to be in the middle of no where) and asked a lady if she knew anyone else who would be interested. She referred us to her neighbor who wasn't really understanding what we were saying, but she had a 6 year old girl with her who said,  "I want to learn come and talk to my mom!" So we followed her to her house and her mom let us right in. We taught them the restoration and she said the prayer at the end of the lesson and she said thank you for answering my prayers I think that I have finally found what I have been praying for. So pretty much we got a referral from a 6 year old and she is so cute! It was amazing. Heavenly Father knew exactly what she needed and led us to a street in the middle of no where to find her. We have an appointment with her this week and are so excited to go back! :) We really have seen so many miracles.

       Then we were teaching a first lesson when we asked the guy how he has felt Gods love manifested in his life and he said that He helped him through a surgery that he had to fly to California and have. He showed us a scrapbook of pictures about it and I opened it and right in the middle of it he had a picture of the temple in California.... WHAT?!?! Um Sir.... Do you know what this building is? No but it sure is purty. So we explained about temples and forever families. It was so cool. I thought I was seeing something wrong but don't worry ladies and gents there was a gold angel Moroni right on top. Oh the irony. Out of all the things he could of talked to us about and show us he whips out a scrapbook with a picture of a temple in. ha-ha.

     It was a good week we have seen many miracles, some rain, way too many bugs and roaches and lots of heat. My feet look permanently dirty because of the shoe tan line. Ahhhh this is the life. 
      We are still in our great big Chevy Silverado truck and get many funny looks. Two white girls climbing out in skirts. A rather amusing scene to many. Hahah. Oh brother... We are too used to it and don't want to return it except for it sucks gas. Whooo

     Well I love you all, have a great week. Be happy and enjoy the last days of school and then your summer vacation. What time is it?!? SUMMERTIME Schools out scream and shout! hahaha!

Love ya bye!

Love Sister Weeks (Rachel)

(I was so happy to hear from her today.  I was uncertain with the holiday and all, but they traveled to Athens to the Family History Center to write because they did not have enough time the rest of the week.  But she was excited because they met with other sisters and were going to the zoo and do their grocery shopping.  She got to be with Sister Carrigan a little again today and was excited to see her.  It is about a 45  minute ride from Greensboro to Athens.  She said she has only seen about 10 white people besides at church since she got to Greensboro.  It is predominately black - about 2/3 of the population.  She said they have had lot of people listen and believe, but a lot of people lack commitment.  White girls in a big white truck in dresses - it is a bit funny if you do ask me!)
Rachel, sister Kunz and the big Chevy Silverado rental they drive until theirs is fixed.  (The elders are a bit jealous)

Brother and Sister Gibson from Lilburn.  They took good care of her and she has called me several times to report on her.

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