Monday, June 2, 2014

Consecrate Myself to the Work

Hey there,
This week kinda started out as a crazy week. We went to the zoo which was pretty fun. It wasn't a very big one. And I realized that standing around looking at things still isn't my favorite thing to do. I kept feeling like we had to go because we had somewhere to be but we really didin't.... haha. but We had zone conference on Tuesday and it is President and Sister Wolferts last one because they go home at the end of this month which is pretty crazy. The main theme of the meeting was consecration. I loved it. And I have been studying that this week a lot. We are doing a month of consecration where we are doing and praying for some specific things and doing our very best to dedicate ourselves to the Lord and his work. To work with my whole heart might mind and strength and really understand the meaning of Matt 16: 24-25. Forget myself have faith and go to work to truly find my self my losing myself in the work. It was a very powerful meeting. It is so cool how you can recieve individual answers to questions when the speaker is addressing such a large group of people. I love President Hinckleys story about that we have great examples.
President and Sister Wolfert gave us alittle gift at the end a card and a box of cookies from someplace that I can't remember at this second but boy oh boy was I in heaven. Mmm hmmm Yum. So good. I regret nothing. Until later when I am super chubby and then I'll regret it. Don't worry I didn't eat them all at once.
We had a lesson with a guy named Keith and he said that he knows that something is missing in his life. Then again with a lady named Rachel (not me haha) She said I sit in all the other churches and I know that there is something missing. They both really want to know. When I hear that my heart leaps for joy and I just want to shout "I have it!!!!" We can tell you all about it! I don't know how well they would respond to that but instead I bear my testimony instead of shouting at them.... That might be a slightly better option who knows though I might try it one day. :) Keith said he wanted to be baptized on July 5th we are praying for him that he holds strong! And we are still working with Rachel.
I got to fianally meet the Branch President this week and you will never guess what his name is.... You can't guess right? Well it is President Monson. Oh the irony. He is a great man and does a lot of work for the branch. He actually lives in Athens in my old area. Speaking of old areas I am about a 40 minute drive from Watkinsville. Sound familiar? Well I used to serve there we have district meeting there so I have driven right past Brad and Nikki Cannons house serveral times. And last night I got to call her on the phone! It was so amazing we are going to meet up for lunch in a couple weeks! Yay. Miracles and tender mercies are all around us.
Saturday night we stopped by Casey and Vicki's house we haven't met with them before we just ran into him at his work and they called us and said they were coming. That is pretty much unheard of. Usually we are calling people and begging them to come. Then Sunday morning they showed up for church and hour and a half early. Wowsa. They said that they felt more comfortable there then at any other church they have ever attended and like a big weight was lifted off their shoulders. Heavenly Father truly prepares people. They are fining peace in the Gospel and we all can and I am so grateful.
Well, that is all for this week! I hope you all have a great week you are in my prayers!
The Gospel is true and the book is blue. :)
Love ya bye!
Love Sister Weeks (Rachel)

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