Monday, June 23, 2014

The Lord's perfect timing

Hey there family!

     It was a great week here in Greensboro. We have seen many miracles and I am so excited for the work that is happening here. I went on exchange with Sister Liu after district meeting and we met with Sandra a lady that we met last week when we talked to her when she was pulling out of her drive way and we just stood there and stopped her. She works nights as a security officer at Reynolds Plantation and said that she has not found a religion yet that she has been able to connect with fully. She has a lot of really good questions and we were able to see that she was really pondering what she was hearing. Then that night as well we met with a lady named Tamekia, we have knocked several doors on her street and she told us that she has just been praying for God to bring us back to talk to her. It was an amazing lesson. Her and her daughter Emerald said they loved what they were hearing and she wanted to come to church because she hasn't found one that was right for her and her family yet. We warned her of the influence of the adversary and she said she has felt it before but really wants to know. We went back on Saturday night and she made her husband answer the door he said that they weren't interested in studying the Mormon thing any more and he wouldn't really talk to us other than that. We asked if they had heard anything and he said no. It was pretty disappointing and it was hard to walk away but we just prayed that Heavenly Father would soften their hearts more and let us know what we can do to help them. 

     Then we met with Monica again and she is awesome. She is just soaking everything she learns up and read the pamphlets and the Book of Mormon everyday. She said her boss wouldn't let her have work off this week for church but she got it off next week. She came to a Branch activity with her kids and they loved it. She has accepted to work toward baptism on the 19th of July. She said that it all makes sense and she really likes it. We were able to take 2 members over there this week and the lessons went great - having members there is the best. We set up a baptismal calendar with her and we can see the joy that is coming into her life. It was amazing how we found her. Sister Kunz had previously tracted the apartment complex that she lives in already but we decided to look through some former investigators. We tried to contact one who used to live where Monica does now but had moved. We talked to her instead and she said she is  ready for a change and something else in her and her kids life. They have been through some rough times but she is awesome and really understands. The Lords timing is perfect and he knew where she would be and what she needed in her life!

      Then we met with Erica and Rachel as well. They came to the Branch activity as well and met a lot of members. They LOVED it and want to keep coming. Rachel said that when she listens to the Book of Mormon on the CD that we gave her that she never wants to stop because it makes her feel so good. She is loving it. Erica still feels confused about what she should do because many of her friends are pulling her to go back to her old church but she said she loves it here as well. We talked to her a lot about the spirits voice and the kind of feelings it gives us and committed her to read everyday. Yesterday she said that she is already feeling better. Rachel is still a little depressed about her friend but is coming around and loving the new friends that she is making at church. It is the perfect place to be. :)

       We have had some funny times as well. This morning I was kneeling on the floor praying minding my own business when a cockroach crawled on me. EWW!! Sister Kunz said I flew into the air and yelped and the first thing I said was Ahhh I didn't even get to say Amen yet. A roach crawled on me. Nasty. Then she was laughing super hard and said I didn't get to say amen either. Now it is funny but when I'm groggy it is so not. That is the last time I kneel on the floor to pray. I'll be kneeling on my bed for now on.

     Well, I think that is all for this week. It has been so fun to be companions with Sister Kunz she is definitely a great and hard working missionary and I am glad I had the opportunity to learn from her. She'll do great where she is going and hopefully I can keep working hard here. We'll see what a new week with Sister Andrus brings. 

      (As you can tell Rachel's companion is being transferred on Wednesday to Johns Creek and she is getting in a new comp that she doesn't know too much about.  She may have to drive the big truck now - but she said it is easy to haul everything in for transfers, but a little scary to drive it is so big.  She gets a new mission president on July 1.  She has really loved the Wolfert's.  She seems to be enjoying this area and loves the old houses and history that are in that area. She doesn't get fed very often because it is just a branch and that building is 30 minutes away and there are not as many members in her area that feed them, but she says the branch is growing and has plans for the building to be added on to.  I am so happy that she is happy and loving what she is doing!)


Have a great week ya'll are in my prayers!
Love Sister Weeks (Rachel)

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