Monday, June 9, 2014

"Watch out for that ooo ahhh...."

Hey there!

     It was a good week here in Greensboro Georgia! It was pretty sweaty though and a little itchy because the chiggers found me... If you can avoid them I would highly recommend it. Bug spray is a fantastic investment. And I proved to myself once again that the nicknames I may or may not have been given about being clumsy are slightly true... I tripped and whacked myself on a lot of things this week the real doosie was... just wait for it.... Remember our super cool white Chevy truck yeah well it was super cool until I rolled my fingers up in the window. Yep you read that last sentence right I myself rolled them up into the window. I'm loosing it. Not really sure how I managed that but I sure did. Oh brother.... I thought I was going to have to paint my nails for a bit but I am happy to say that there are no bruises or marks. Haha hold the applause. :) 

     And we had to make a difficult decision, after a lot of prayer and pondering we decided that it might be best to give Stevie a break. We had no idea what we were going to say and it was kind of hard but the spirit really led us in what he needed to hear. He said that he knows that it is all true. He knows. He just isn't willing to make the changes necessary yet. Which is a little heart breaking but he said that he is still going to keep coming to church and reading. One day he'll get baptized and enter into the gate. Really before we said anything he knew what was coming and he said he is grateful for our time an he'll never forget what we taught him. The spirit was strong and I know that he felt it testifying to him of the truthfulness of Christ's message. 

     We have been meeting with Erica and Rachel as well still, Rachel has had a really rough week this week. Her best friend passed away and she has felt really alone. We stopped by the day she found out it happened. I think that it softened her heart a little bit and they came to church on Sunday and she has been reading. Her and her daughter are growing closer together being able to read together and come to church. Erica loves church and young womens and has really been able to feel their friendship. Members are so important in this work.  The members in the branch have been helping with a part member family. It is pretty impossible to teach them at their house because of the crazy environment and the members invited them over for dinner. They really opened up and have had a few humbling experiences lately that are making them recognize their dependence on Heavenly Father and striving to follow Christ's example.  They have been reading together and are recognizing the impact that it has on their lives. We invited him to make  a plan towards baptism and we are meeting with him this week to see what we can do to help him with his plans. Heavenly Father knows exactly what people need. 

      During our lesson with Stevie we were sitting outside and hornets kept chasing us, I dodged one and he said "Don't worry Sister Weeks I got you! I will spank his little beehind!" And he clapped his hands together. And he got it. Haha we almost lost it in the middle of the lesson. We haven't had that great of control over our laughter this week.... I don't know if I have ever had that great of control over my laughter but it makes the work fun. :)

      This week I was studying in Alma 5 and thinking a lot about consecration. I absolutely love the questions in that chapter it is an example to me Alma has got the inspired questions down! Man one day I want to be a boss missionary like the ones in the Book of Mormon. But they are questions that I really was thinking about. I want to be able to have the image of God clearly in my countenance and have that kind of dedication or consecration to doing his work his way. To take that into my heart. To put my trust in the true and living God and be faithful until the end. The greatest blessing of all is eternal life and he wants us to have it. And we get to be part of this work!

      Well, I think that is all for this week! Have a great week you are in my prayers. Love ya bye!
Love Sister Weeks (Rachel)
Rachel showing the treat they received from Pres and Sister Wolfert at their last Zone Training.  They go home the end of June.

Rachel likes sign and found her name sake.

It was bound to happen one day!

A street named after a great missionary and daughter!

Sister Hoskisson (who is from Tremonton) and Sister Weeks

The Rusch family from Lilburn with Sisters Blaylock and Weeks.

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