Monday, July 21, 2014

The Life of the Crazies

Hola Familia!

     The week has flown by with many crazy events and miracles. Monica's baptism is scheduled for this Saturday still. Her children CJ and Desia are so excited for it. They truly do love learning and are soaking it up. We had a family home evening with her and some members. We had to pull out some creative skills to teach the Word of Wisdom to the kids but with Heavenly Fathers help some colored drawings, a couple paper bags and candy we made it. Artist extraordinaire Sister Weeks and Sister Andrus. 

     A precious story for the week. Both CJ and Desia (Monica's kids) have really bad burns and Monica said that last year in July that one of their neighbors threw a spray can in the fire and it exploded and Desia who is 8 went to get her bike and just got caught in the fire and was getting burned so CJ who is 10 jumped in there and pulled her out. Amazing. What a great older brother. She was in a coma for 3 weeks and they were both in the Hospital for a little over 2 months. I can't believe it. It is a miracle and they are both still the cutest. They are so excited to get baptized.  The week before a baptism is always super crazy to so buckle up for the ride. Satan is against it all and tries to make everything hard. Sister Andrus and I were talking and there is a part on Anastasia where she is stepping on the glass vial and saying this is for me and this is for.... Well Sister Andrus said that is what she wants to do to Satan in the next life. "This is for the hard times you gave to this person for the anti you let this person get a hold of and so on" haha. It's happening.
     I have been thinking a lot lately about conversion and what it means. I have to give a training on "Our Purpose as missionaries" and The Doctrine or Gospel of Jesus Christ and conversion this week in District meeting on Tuesday. And I am freaking out because I don't know what to say. This is probably the hardest training I have had to give yet. I don't know where to go with it I just have a lot of idea's floating around. It should be done already but it is not. I really love Alma 5 and I think that goes perfectly with all of those topics I am just trying to figure out a way to tie it in. But I found a quote from Elder Bednar that I really love he says "Knowing that the gospel is true is the essence of a testimony. Consistently being true to the gospel is the essence of conversion." It takes action. That is what is sticking out to me. Just like in Alma 5 all of the questions that he asks they take faith, contemplation, reflection, study and true soul searching and honesty. It takes a mighty change of heart. I love those words, It seems that it would be a single event. Something where an Angel appears and marvelous light fills the room but it's not for most people. Something I know we've all heard a million times. But for me it is a lot of little events where I can clearly identify that the Atonement is real. Change is possible. And God and Jesus Christ live and love me. I don't know how or why but they do. It is a "steady earnest consistent effort in doing the work of the Lord" (PMG) It comes line upon line precept upon precept. So the steps of the gospel faith repentance, baptism - renewing that covenant every Sunday, the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end. That we continually have to practice to truly find the nature of conversion. Jospeh Smiths words sums up it all for me "I knew it and I knew that God knew it and I could not deny it." True conversion takes time hard work tears lots of prayer, faith and so much more. I want to be there but I can see it deepen and it feels so good. 

      Well, it truly was a crazy week and I am steeling myself for another one. Thanks for all your prayers. You are in mine. The gospel is true and we are truly blessed. 

Love you bye!

Love Sister Weeks (Rachel)

Greensboro, Georgia

This is the deluxe model of an official US post office in Greensboro.

A bit of a package we sent her for her 9 month mark in the mission.

It's what they do in the Philippines. Mostly we just think we're cool. It means guapa guapo, it's called pogi (beautiful or handsome). Anyway.....

I made it half way and it is so awesome!

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