Monday, July 28, 2014

Kiddie Pool to Baptismal Font

Hey there family!
     Thanks for you all your prayers this week I know that it helped because it was CRAZY. It was madness down here in Greensboro. First on Tuesday we got a call right before district meeting that our apartment was flooded. Right before I was supposed to give my training.... that didn't help me calm down at all.  Welcome to the Kiddie pool. Yikes. haha. And now it smell like a stinky wet diaper in there because it is humid things don't dry very fast. It was a crazy incident with the washer. But we got that over with. (She said the fill sensor  had a problem and just kept running and flooded  a bunch of the house.  They were in Athens at the time and the landlord happened to stop by and find it.  Quite messy and smelly of coarse.)
     Then for the weird story of the week, we were just finished filling up our car with gas when a guy dashed over and wouldn't let me close my door he was saying a whole bunch of crazy things. He was pretty tipsy. haha. We were laughing so hard at him. He just sat right down on the door frame and wouldn't leave...He said he wanted us to come teach him. Legitimate? I'm not sure.... He asked me who the CEO of the church was I told him God he disregarded that information quickly and asked where he lived and I told him Kolob. hehe. So funnyyyy. He asked What?! And I said never mind -  in the sky. And he was full of nonsense. Seriously strait from the peanut gallery. He kept us there for 40 minutes. We finally got away. We died. Oh the adventures of Greensboro. Oh and just as a side note, it is impossible to teach drunk people about the restoration. No I don't care if Jesus Christ is black, white, purple, green, or yellow. I know he is God's son and that is all that matters to me. 

     After doing all that studying on conversion and change this last little while it made me do a lot of thinking on the process of change and how I can more apply it in my life. I think that is one of my favorite parts about being here in the possibility for change in everyone, myself included. It is so possible. It kind of hit me this week that time is precious and I want to use it more effectively to see that change. So Sister Andrus and I did a lot of talking and we set some goals. Even thought about the blessing we were promised and we studied the goals that we wanted to set. And then together knelt down in prayer and promised each other and Heavenly Father to truly "forget ourselves and go to work" . It was not an easy promise to make and I can see that there have been times where I have truly done that and that is when I feel true joy in this service but I want to do that all the time. It wasn't easy because we knew how hard that it would be. And it hasn't been easy so far. But as we were sitting in the car last night it felt good. Hard work feels good. Sister Andrus said,  "Remind me of this feeling when it gets hard again." We are doing it together with Heavenly Fathers help.  So here we go. Change is possible, Heavenly Father has softened my heart and so many others. He can do it for anyone. 

     Monica and her kids had their interviews on Thursday. On Wednesday night we went over all the questions with CJ and Dasia and they did great and then we gave Dasia a tour of the church in Athens where we had to meet and played with her in the gym before and she got in there and told Elder Galvez "I was just playing in the gym and I don't remember anything..." Guess an elder from Guatemala is just too intimidating. haha. It was funny she is so cute. But they all passed and of course CJ said I got an 'A' that was a piece of cake. 

     Then we had the baptisms on Saturday. It was absolutely fantastic. Simply perfection. I love the spirit at baptisms. Their faces and smiles as the came out of the water showed complete joy. They are the cutest ever. I am so incredibly grateful to have been a part of their lives so far. Dasia was so scared before and started to cry. Sister Andrus and I weren't sure what to do so of course we resorted to candy. Not ashamed. :)  It works miracles. She cracked a smile and then as soon as she stepped in the water she relaxed and she was glowing. She was so happy afterwards. And of course CJ is the tough guy he was just excited and said that he wanted to go before Dasia and he did.  He is a great older brother. He was really excited after as well. The greatest pay day there is. When someone is standing in the water it is like there is a flashback of everything that happened through the whole teaching experience and I see how far they have come and the true joy that is now on their face. The peace and the spirit is radiating.  Their confirmations on Sunday were incredible as well. They sat perfectly still and were quiet. It is a miracle! It was the perfect end to this week. The cutest little family. Their faith is so strong and like I said change is possible it has happened with them and they are ready for it.

     Well, we are gearing up for another crazy week. We are supposed to be moving next Wednesday so we have to clean out the wet diaper we live in and get everything packed up. Wish us luck. We will keep the roach swatter handy. haha. :)

     Well I love y'all and hope you have a great week. You are always in my prayers. 

Love you bye!

Love Sister Weeks (Rachel)
Pretty Georgia Sunset.

The perks of living in the middle of nowhere.

Baptism pictures - Cutest family ever.

Monica, CJ and Dasia with Sister Weeks and Andrus and some family on their baptism day.

Dasia's attitude hmmm mmmm. haha. Don't worry she was happy afterwards. :

Our ceiling.... We have an agreement if the shower falls through the other one runs to their rescue with the other sisters robe and towel. Why do you have to make silly agreements like this you ask. Because it is possible and we're missionaries planning especially back-up plans it's what we do. :) hahhaa Only a few papers got wet and nothing was ruined.  Good thing we had cleaned the desk off that morning!!

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