Monday, August 11, 2014

Huge Driveways lead to Miracles later.

Hey there!

     It was a pretty good week here in Greensboro. This will be cut kinda short because we are running out of time. 

      Monica is doing very well and sharing her testimony with her family it was amazing to see her just tell them what she believes. Without being asked she just bore her testimony about Joseph Smith in the middle of a lesson. She is being a great example to them. She has even been standing up for her testimony and beliefs with her friends telling them that this is what she believes and it doesn't matter what they think. I love it. It is great to see her testimony grow and her desire to live what she believes. It can't be easy to change your life that much but she is proving that it is possible along with many others. The Lord can truly change hearts if you trust in him. 

     Then we had a little miracle moment with tracting. Last month we were looking for a former investigator and couldn't find him in the places that we were told to look but his teaching record never said why he stopped investigating the church so we were confused. We were tracting in a place that we had picked the night before and met a guy named Neal. It was the same guy. He told us about a huge driveway that he used to live up and that sisters had visited him in the past and we knew that it was him. The driveway he described is unforgettable. Seriously. I have never seen a driveway so steep and long. He said that he was in a rough spot last time he met the Sisters and he is finding himself in a similar situation. He wants to meet again and is willing to experiment and see if it can truly bless his life. Heavenly Father knew exactly where he was and told us to find him. We are never lost to our loving Heavenly Father. 

     Sister Andrus and I , a couple weeks ago,  were trying to find a place and everything was going wrong and we couldn't find it and we were getting a little frustrated, and so I was like ay ay ay and she said we need to do what fixes all problems and I said "pray?" she said okay the second thing so this time I responded "sleep" She said okay, the third thing that fixes all problems it rhymes with Blice Bleam. Sound it out. (It is ice cream) If you needed a hint. hahaha. I busted it up. So funny we are so tired and delirous everything is funny though so just pretend like you think it is funny. :)

      Also the mission office is not going to be forwarding mail anymore because they have to repay the postage so you will have to send it to our apartment. Our address is 1030 Quaker Ridge Rd Greensboro 30642. Just so you know. (All mail and packages are to be sent to her apartment.  If it is  transfer week then it should wait a week I guess to get the right address and then send it to her.  that is definitely a change,)

     Well, I think that is all for this week. Our apartment is great just farther away from the area we work so we are spending a lot of quality time in our car for 2 meals a day. We just make our own fun. Well I love you lots and you are in my prayers. Hope that you have a great week. Pictures will just have to wait until next week. Sorry!  
      (They moved into a members basement.  It has a separate entrance and a small kitchenette with a hot plate, microwave, toaster and toaster oven, and a fridge.  But they only eat breakfast there I guess and then pack stuff in coolers to eat for lunch and dinner and they eat in the car. She said they eat salads and sandwiches and fruits and veggies.  I know her comp has a few diet restrictions too. The new place is about 8 miles out of town so they only are there in the morning and return in the evening.  They only get fed by members about once a week in this area.  The member they live with said he was worn out this week just watching how busy they have been all week long.  That is a good thing.  Her emails will come a bit later now because they get done all they need to at the apartment and then they leave and don't return until night so they go to the library in the late afternoon.  I asked about the Ipads in her mission and she said she heard it would not be until the first of the year but they do not know for sure.  She hasn't heard too much really.)

Love ya bye!

Love Sister Weeks (Rachel)

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