Thursday, August 21, 2014

I got the golden ticket....except it is blue.

Hey there,

     It has been a good week many funny moments and those where we know that we are truly blessed. 

     This week we have been working with Monica still and her mom Mildred and one of her friends. They have a lot of questions and it is amazing to see her help teach and her testimony deepen. It is true that you can find it in yourself by bearing it. She had a rough week with  many things from getting money stolen to a flat tire and her kids father wanting to fight. It is like a movie. It has been pretty interesting... and it was hard for her to read the Book of Mormon while all of that was going on but we talked to her about it and she said that she noticed the difference and she said after this week I never want to miss a day. Mildred really wants to learn but has a learning disability so the progress is slow but she is getting it. We see her everywhere though. She doesn't drive so she just walks everywhere she goes and we have been walking down the street many times and see her, it is too funny. 

     The other day we were tracting and Sister Andrus said "man I forgot mosquito spray and now I am going to get salmonella..." We both busted up and I said "What a chicken is going to peck you?" haha. But the best part is we saw a chicken just run across the road yesterday in the middle of town. It could happen. Why did the chicken cross the road in Greensboro? To give Sister Andrus Salmonella! hahahaha 

     I finally go to go into Reynolds plantation. I was in awe. Sister Andrus and I were like little kids in there taking pictures in her backyard. I had no idea people actually lived in places like this. I thought they were just for show or something. It is huge and so beautiful. Haha I got the invite, the golden ticket except it was a little more blue. I have been hoping all this time. It was like a dream. (one of the members lives in there and apparently invited them in to see her.  she never feeds them because her husband is not a member but helps them out with groceries.  She is a great lady to help out the missionaries.)

     Neal has proved to still be a miracle. Since we found him last week we have met with him several times. When we have lessons he really ponders what we are talking about and takes it in. He really has a strong desire to change although he know it won't be easy he still wants it. He has been reading the Book of Mormon and taking notes! I think there has been a change in him since last week even. He is starting to gain the peace of mind that he is seeking. I love to see the sincere and true desire in others. I think it is a testament that Heavenly Father prepares and softens hearts.

      This week in my studies I have been reading about the Brother of Jared. He is such an amazing guy with an incredible amount of faith. In Chapter 2 of Ether he asks the Lord for specific guidance and direction and He gives him part of the answer but then with the last part, the guidance he was seeking about not being in darkness Heavenly Father gives him the answer "what will ye that I should do that ye may have light in your vessels?" I think that this light can be light and knowledge that we are seeking in our lives not physical light but often spiritual light. Heavenly Father doesn't give him the answer but tells him to find it out. So he finds a solution and asks with faith and the gets to see the hand of the Lord provide the light. I think that happens with us in our lives. He manifests his hand in our life and we get to witness miracles that bring light into our lives. Truly it is amazing. We have to do our part and often it is hard and takes a lot of effort but when we do we can see some of the greatest miracles of all and feel the light of our Savior in our lives.

      Well that is all for this week! Love y'all lots and hope you have a great week you are in my prayers!

Love Sister Weeks (Rachel)
 (Looks like the new place they live is pretty nice - don't feel a bit sorry for her.  I told her to enjoy it while she can because it will not last forever.  She is just thrilled that they do not have cockroaches and she does not have to wear shower shoes.  Reynolds Plantation is another gated community that is quite wealthy and is located on Lake Oconee.  The pictures we have looked up are stunning.  It is quite the area and she has wanted to go in for some time.  You have to be invited in.  She was thrilled.  She said she didn't know people actually lived like this.  She said they were like little kids talking pictures.  Oh how fun!)
Athens District - Their district leader (second from right)  is from Guatemala and his dad is a Seventy.

Our Humble abode in the new place we live.

Our Kitchenette - all we need since we are never here.

Our bathroom

Our bedroom/ closet

Reynolds Plantation - from the backyard

Members house that we visited in Reynolds Plantation.  It's like a dream - such a beautiful place.

Another picture of the yard in Reynolds Plantation which is a gated community and kinda feels like you are dreaming.

Backyard at Reynolds Plantation.  Such a beautiful place!  In is located on lake Oconee

Our shower


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