Monday, August 4, 2014

"These things I now KNOW...."

Hey there family!

     This week has been interesting, our top investigator who is 17, her Mom said that she is no longer allowed to meet with us. It was pretty hard because she was loving it. She knows that it is something good and was recognizing the spirit and she didn't want to stop meeting with us so it was hard. Definitely had to put or trust in the Lord on that one and pray that he Mothers heart will one day be softened.

     Last Monday night we did something very special... haha. The BBQ place that is on "Sweet Home Alabama" aka one of the best movies ever... from what I remember anyway. It is called "Stella's" Well guess what it is in Georgia in our area at the very edge. We had extra miles so we decided to go. No regrets. haha. IT was AWESOME. My life is complete. It is actually called "Heavy's BBQ" I have walked where Reese Witherspoon has walked. Kinda weird. It wasn't open but I have pictures to prove it. 

     We just moved today!! I cannot even describe to you how much excitement I am filled with right now. I can't even describe it. A member from the branch came and helped us move this morning and it is a HUGE house that we are going to be living in the basement of. So nice that we aren't even allowed to wear shoes in it. I am going from not wanting to shower without my flip flops to skipping on the carpet. haha. Then Sister Andrus told  the member that was helping us move "we are trying to hard not to have a girly moment right now." and his response was it is okay you can scream if you want. It almost gave me permission but not quite. I could not for the life of me wipe the stupid smile off of my face. OH man. My life is a dream. I am in LOVE. haha.  Now we just have to unpack our things in our gorgeous basement of a huge house in a gated community right on the golf course. This is the only time in my life where I will ever live like this. I am such a girl and I just wanna SCREAM.

     So we have been working on finding this week but didn't get to talk to too many people. But we don't want to get discouraged and we are trying to find the people that truly need the happiness of the gospel. And we are just doing our best to rely on Jesus Christ and his spirit to lead and guide us. 

     We are still working with Monica and her kids and it has been amazing to see. This Sunday she paid her first fast offering and tithing.  We know that she has been struggling with money and she still did it. That is a big leap of faith for a member of 1 week, it is amazing to see the trust that she puts in Heavenly Father in leading and guiding her family. This week her boss gave her a couple days off so she could take her kids to school on the first day and he say you know you just go baptized I'll give you Sunday off too so you can go to church. It was a big tender mercy for her because she thought that she wasn't going to be able to make it for a couple weeks but she got to come to church and she loved it! She and her kids are progressing so much and she is loving reading the Book of Mormon. She has such a strong desire to learn. I love to see it, it strengthens my own testimony. 

    There has been a couple things that have really stuck out to me in my studies this week that I would like to share. The first thing is a phrase that I love it has been said many times over the pulpit at general conference and around the world but I love how Elder Holland puts it in his talk "Lord I Believe" He says "These things I now KNOW..." and then he lists the things that he can truly say that he knows. And surprisingly there isn't a huge list of things just the 5 basic concepts of Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, The Restoration and the Book of Mormon and Prophets walk the earth. But I love being able to say as part of my testimony that I do KNOW those things as well and I love when I can deepen my understanding but like I said it takes hard work. I love to add the things that I can say I know to my study journal it is a great testimony builder. Gaining knowledge is not an easy task and requires faith, trust and strength in our Heavenly Father but we can know. Helping other people sometimes gain that at times seems like such a heavy burden and I can't do it for them but I want so badly for them to be happy. Not something that is up to me. Only the atonement can do that and it has taken trust and faith in the principle of the atonement. It is strengthening me and the spirit is giving me the words to say and everyday I want to push myself just a little father than I think I can go. Every principle and commandment has a promise. (D&C 130: 20-21) That was kind of scattered but the last part is when Elder Oaks came to the mission he said the same phrase about knowledge and promised us that if we served a mission like we were supposed to that we would gain 10 things from it and the meaning and understanding of hard work was one of them. Hopefully I am getting there. 

    Well, I hope that you have a great week. I love you all! Be happy. :) 
Peace and Blessings. 

Love Sister Weeks (Rachel)
This is from the Movie Sweet Home Alabama " Stella's BBQ"  aka Heavy's BBQ.
Move of Stella's - How cool is that!

More pictures of Heavy BBQ

She said 10 pts for Grffindor if you can pronounce this name.

Now I have proof  I was really there.

"How cool is this I was really there!"

Sister Andrus sharing the gospel with a few cows.

Stellas Roadhouse from Sweet Home Alabama.  Too bad it was closed but it was so cool to be there.

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