Monday, September 8, 2014

Goals set and accomplished

Hey there family!

     This week was a great week we have had so many opportunities to bear testimony. There is a recent convert in the ward, Brother Monette, that we have been visiting lately and he is on fire with his testimony. He took us to one of his neighbors and was just going to leave and let us talk to him but he came back and said he had been studying Preach My Gospel and wanted to be there for the lesson because missionary work is better that way. Then he called us several days later saying that he had 3 other people in his neighborhood that he wanted us to come and stop by and meet. He said they can push me away if they want but I am going to talk to them about it and pray that they listen. His friends hearts are truly softening. The Lord is definitely in charge. :) We are so stoked to go meet with them this week.

    We were visiting a member who hasn't' been to church in a while - Brother Curry. His wife goes out of town pretty often so he gets left home alone a lot. He said he just really likes sandwiches. So he is kinda lonely and we went to visit him, he loves the visits. So we went over and started asking him questions about his baptism and what he remembered and how he felt. It was so amazing. It is not something that can easily be forgotten even 30 or 40 years later.  Even after not coming to church for a while he still remembers the feelings he had. It was clear that he wanted it back. We invited him to read 2 chapters of the Book of Mormon a day and see what he feels he said "Of course I'll do it, I'll be your star student" ha ha. I am so excited for him.  He has never been to the temple but while we were talking to him I could see their potential of going and getting sealed. I really want them to make it there one day. Hopefully that day can be soon. :)

     The book of Mormon is the best book on the face of the planet. Man oh man. I started it over again after reading it and marking the references to the atonement and it is amazing how much I learn each time. One of my favorites is in 1 Nephi 11. Nephi talks about his true desire to know of a surety what his father knows and he sets the perfect pattern for seeking revelation or for goal setting. First he starts with a desire, then he believes that the Lord can make it possible, and then he ponders. By just putting the time forth to do those things he receives a glorious revelation and gets to see Jesus Christ. Amazing! It reminds me a lot of the talk by Elder Holland "Lord I Believe" pretty much my favorite talk of all time. He says "be not afraid only believe" Nephi showed that he was willing to receive the answers and put aside his fear and believed. Also in Preach My Gospel there is a quote that says "goals reflect the desires of our hearts and the vision of what we CAN accomplish" I love that because it is possible just look at Nephi. That is what I am trying to do with our goals.  They are stretching us, but it is possible. 

     Yesterday we were really pushing to meet our goal for contacts and we had tracted a bunch during the week but we were running up and down the street and the driveways so we could talk to as many people as we could and do it meaningfully. We did it! ha ha We were pretty sweaty and gross by the end of it but Heavenly Father opened so many doors. WE MET OUR GOAL! Things that we CAN accomplish. :)

     About my comp. Her name is Sister Dayla Haderlie, she is from San Diego California... I already said that I think. She has been out 15 months, she is a lot taller than me. ha-ha. She doesn't eat gluten... bummer another comp that doesn't oh well. I can't think of anything else....  (She was home schooled and was going to  BYU-I)

Well, have a great week. I love ya lots and pray for you always! Pictures next week.

Love Sister Weeks (Rachel) :)

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