Monday, September 22, 2014

Aliens from the Peanut Gallery

Hey there family!

     We have been visiting a couple in the ward that are older and not active. They joined the church about 30 years ago. We asked him about the day he got baptized and the feelings that he has and he remembered them clearly, he choked up telling us about his experiences. It was a testimony to me that a witness born of the Holy Ghost is not something that leaves our thoughts or our hearts. It is meant to be that way. Heavenly Father wants us to treasure and remember the testimony building experiences that we have. We invited him to start reading the Book of Mormon again a chapter a day and he said "how about 2?" It was amazing we went back a week later and he has already read 20 chapters. He said he is noticing a difference and he said it is the best book ever. I agree with him there. :) It can change lives.

     I have been reading that book that Mom sent me a little while ago.  I got permission to read it as long as it was during lunch or P-day and not studies. It is called The Power of Everyday Missionaries. If you ever have a chance you should read it. It is a completely inspired book and has so many good insights and ideas. I love it and I haven't even finished it yet. Good thing it isn't super long. He talks about the experiences he has had sharing the gospel and the successful ways of being a member missionary and inviting people to come closer to Jesus Christ. He talks about success is in the invitation when we do it all out of love relationships grow. It reminds me of the last verse in 2 Nephi 2 just the last part. He says "And I have none other object save it be the everlasting welfare of your souls." Truly that is why we do all we do. Because of the true compassion we have for the everlasting welfare of peoples souls that we love. And when we share what we know and love we find more happiness together. Everyone needs the gospel. He talks about that as well. I have learned that many of times. I am not in charge it is the Lord and he knows who is prepared to receive his message. My job is to just thrust in my sickle with my might and then in return the joy comes more abundantly into my life as well as the spirit. Turning outward is what Christ did and what we should all do as well. Not always easy but ALWAYS worth it. 

     We visited one of our investigators Sara again. Her parents took her phone away so we finally figured out why it was so hard to contact her. haha. She was having some health issues because she is going to have a baby and she fell down the stairs. Yikes. She is doing better though nothing broken and they are both okay. But the bishop lives right down the street and he was available to give her a blessing. It was pretty amazing. The priesthood is real she felt it calm her down and she said several times thank you that helped a lot. The spirit really does pierce our hearts in a very real way. 

     One last one we met with a man named Mike he lives across from a member and he has many questions. Brother Monette came to the lesson with us and it ended up in them discussing life on other planets and if aliens are real....(I am better understanding what the "peanut gallery means)  Well in that lesson I got good practice on keeping people on track on the real part of the lesson.... THE GOSPEL. haha it was too funny. I couldn't decide whether to just laugh or wait til they were done. We made it through. He really does have a sincere interest in wanting to know where God wants him. We have the opportunity to meet with him because he saw us visit Brother Monette and mentioned that we always looked happy. A smile can do wonders the gospel truly does bring peace. My favorite scripture proves right once again D&C 123:17. :) Do all things cheerfully and then God will manifest his hand in our life. 

     Have a great week I love you all and hope that all is well. You are always in my prayers. Be happy and have fun you never know the difference it will make it someones life.

Love Sister Weeks 

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