Monday, October 27, 2014

Like a Boss! Nailed it!

Hey there!

     It has been a crazy week this week, but a good one. It started off with Monday of course and Mom was asking me about food. I told her that I will try everything at least a couple times, except corn. Anyone who knows me knows that I do not like corn and I haven't for a long time. Well I had to eat my words and some corn. We had it at some members house and they just served us so obviously I had to eat it. For most of the meal the corn and I were having a staring match, for a second there I thought it was going to eat me! But I finally mustered up the courage to take a bite. BLECH. It was not any better than I expected so I slathered it with butter to try to mask the taste and I don't even like butter that much. Well that didn't help so then I put salt on it, tasted - eww, more salt. That was some really salty, slimy,  piece of corn. Bite swallow bite swallow. And I did it like a BOSS! Under the table I gave Sister Haderlie a fist bump. NAILED IT.  Do you recognize me? Probably not, I would have never done that before. 

     Also I can't remember if I informed you a couple weeks ago.... you will never guess who I met. Well maybe you will I am in Georgia. I met a lady named Miss Eugenia. If you don't understand the reference ask Mom. ha ha. She was sweet, very baptist, and I'm sure very nosy. But I didn't ask so...  (There are some books written by Betsy Brannon Greene that have a delightful character in named Miss Eugenia and the books are based in Georgia.  They are wonderful books that we just love.  I keep asking her if she has met her yet.)

     Last night we had a little surprise.  First the Assistants texted us, and they never just text any one for funsies, so we knew something was up. Then as I was writing in my journal the phone started ringing and it was PRESIDENT BENNION. Aaaahhh. When the President calls you know something is up. He called to tell us that my companion is getting transferred.   She is getting the good ole six week shaft to Grayson and that I am going to be companions with one of the other Sisters in the ward Sister Chapman.  We were in the MTC together. They are taking out the other set of sisters, so now there is just going to be one set of elders and a set of sisters in the ward.  We are just going to combine our efforts, it will be interesting. I am really excited for it though it should be lots of fun. We have been on  an exchange together before and we had a blast!  (What she did not say is the other set of missionaries in the ward were the STL's and they asked her to be a new STL with Sister Chapman and then their companions were being transferred someplace else and they will combine the two areas.  There were three set of missionaries in the Woodstock ward she is in.  Her companion Sister Haderlie will go home next transfer.)

     We got to go and walk around the temple grounds this week. It was AMAZING. I had never had the opportunity to see it before but it was a glorious vision and rejuvenated my spirits. It was just what I needed!  About a million pictures later I'm sure that I will never forget the experience. :) And of course they include some super cliche sister missionary pictures but what can I say. It really just had to happen. (Her companion had a Dr. appt. and they had to drive past the temple to get to it.  They were given permission to stop and take some pictures and walk around briefly.  She was very excited about that.  The whole mission will get to go to the temple at Christmas time and she is really excited about doing that.)

      I have been studying a talk lately that I absolutely love. I have talked about it before but it is just the absolute best. It is called the 4th missionary. There is one part in there that I really like.  I don't have it with me so I can't quote it exactly, but he say something to the effect of "to realize our amazing, inspiring potential we must put ourselves in the Lords hands.  You and only you can do that.   Our will is the only thing that he doesn't have." I can't quite remember but that is pretty close. He states perfectly a concept that is in Matthew 16:25 to find ourselves and come to our highest potential we have to put ourselves in the Lords loving and caring hands. Elder Holland says too "Though we may feel we are “like a broken vessel,” as the Psalmist says,  we must remember, that vessel is in the hands of the divine potter." He is constantly molding and shaping us and we are discovering who we are and what we can become through his mercy, grace, and love. 

     We have had many other great experiences this week from teaching a lesson to someone we definitely thought spoke more English than they did. So we called in the reinforcements... the Spanish Elders. ha ha. Also we had a lesson with Sharece and her nephew Robert. Her Mom was offended by some church members in the past and told her not to come to church. So we are trying to work through her concerns, but she likes us coming over so we are just going to let the spirit reel her in. :)

      Well I think that is all for this week.  I love you all and hope that all is well.  You are in my prayers!


Love Sister Weeks (Rachel)

Atlanta Georgia Temple

Sister Haderlie in front of temple.

Sister Haderlie's Grandma sent a huge Halloween box to share.   How cute!

Rachel and Sister Haderlie in front of temple.

Sisters Haderlie and Weeks  at the temple looking around and taking pictures.

Sister Weeks in front of the temple.  She said "Soak in the cheesyness it just had to be done."

Once again picture with mouth open.  Good thing the flies aren't too thick.

Sister Haderlie with box that her grandma sent them for Halloween.  Looks like fun stuff!
Atlanta Temple
Flowers at the temple.

Sister Haderlie joins in on the cheesy photos at the temple.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Missionaries do help people :)

Hey there family!

     We had some pretty amazing things happen this week. We have been working with a member that hasn't been to church in a lot of years and she told us after she came to the relief society activity that she was going to sneak into sacrament meeting and then sneak back out.  She came to church on Sunday and later she said that she wants to stay for all of it this next week. I have done nothing in all of this, though Heavenly Father has been softening her heart for years and getting her in a place so she would accept it back into her heart. She has been studying daily trying to find what is truth. That is an invitation that is amazing to extend to all that we do everyday. Why do we believe this? Why am I knocking on your door? Well read, ponder, study and ask God. He WILL tell you. I have felt it and know it. If you don't know, experiment he can tell you the truth of all things through his spirit. 

      Since I arrived in the Woodstock area we have been knocking on a door of a less active member and we meet someone different every time and never the person we are looking for, but we have kept going back. Finally we met the Mom and her daughter Bridget and Sharece. Sharece was offended by somethings that happened and hasn't been back since.  We just talked about the promises that we made at baptism and how when we fulfill our part then we can feel forgiveness and receive forgiveness. She has a nephew, Robert, that she is taking care of who we had met previously when he was locked out of the house after school and she said well I want to be baptized and I want him to as well. We are so excited to go teach them this week. It was amazing her change from the I don't like your church anymore to wanting to know if we could come back.

      This week I was studying about the Prayer of faith in Preach my Gospel and also where I am reading in the Book of Mormon it talks a lot about mighty prayers and them being answered. And it really stuck out to me this time and prompted me to learn more about it. I came across a verse in Romans 8 that I love. I had read it before but it hit me this time a little bit more than before. Verse 26 it says "Likewise the Spirit also helpeth our infirmities: for we know not what we should pray for as we ought: but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us with groanings (sighings) which cannot be uttered." The way we can feel the Atonement is the spirit acts as a "cleansing agent to purify a person from all sin or weaknesses or imperfections or infirmities" Through the prayers of faith where the spirit guides us what to pray for and then we receive more help than is imaginable. I have been feeling and understanding that more and more. Through the spirit we can become pure even as HE is pure. Sanctified. The prayer of faith is something that really does matter. (D&C 42:14) 

      As we were praying about places that we could tract this week we thought of a certain place and I was in charge of the area because we were on exchange. It was getting pretty dark but I still wanted to knock a couple more doors. I told Sister Davis okay a few more and if no one is answering still we still stop. The last one we met a man named Rafael, who has a Book of Mormon and used to take lessons from the missionaries and go to church in Rosewell. He said he wants to start learning again and we get to go back this week. We almost gave up because no one was answering but we found someone who we got to bare testimony to.  He is from Mexico so that is pretty sweet. :)

       This week we went and helped with seminary and played the adversary while they were doing a scripture mastery challenge where they were trying to thread something on a string and they wanted us to get them with Nerf guns and spray bottles with fans on. ha ha the mists of darkness. And one of the youth said I thought missionaries were supposed to help people. ha ha. In any other circumstance we do I promise. 

      Well I think that is all for this week. I hope all is well you are in my prayers! Love you bye!

Love Sister Weeks

The day we had district meeting outside.

Missionaries with swords defending Truth and Righteousness.  I am guessing this is Zone Meeting With Pres and Sister Bennion.

On Exchange with Sister Davis.  Don't look at my hair I just took it out.

Sister Weeks and Sister Haderlie in the car.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Let the scars show.......And be a gator Wrestler

Hola familia y amigos! 

     Well it was a pretty good week. Once again I have gotten to practice with Spanish. We have been calling a lot of people to set up appointment and we have found a lot of disconnected and wrong numbers several of those who spoke Spanish. So in a jiffy I taught myself how to ask, " May I speak with... " haha. Too funny. Also I am becoming very familiar with the phrase "No intiendo repeat that please". It is a work in progress I definitely need to learn some more. It always catches me by surprise when they answer the door. But I like it. The spirit truly does speak all languages. 

     We had Preparation day changed to today (Tues) because holidays always seem to be on Mondays. ay ay ay. But it is okay because I made it through the week that was a day longer this time. Yesterday we had district meeting and our district leader and his companion thought it would be a great idea to have district meeting outside.... In Georgia. Where it is humid and all our things get moist and wrinkly because of the humidity and mist that was floating around in the air because it was not really raining but kinda. So I was freezing and my teeth were chattering. It was in the 60's but when it is humid and you get cold like me. No es bueno! haha. I had to borrow a coat. So by the end we were all soggy including our stuff, and we decided to sing the song opera style. And that's how we roll. 

     We had an amazing lesson with a lady named Anna this week. She is from the Dominican Republic and super cute. She even cooked us dinner. We brought a member who taught a lot of people on her mission from there so they could relate easily and the lesson was amazing. We got to talk to her about the Book of Mormon and the great blessing it is. How it helps our faith and confidence in God grow as well as knowing that he love all of his children everywhere. He son Alex even sat through the lesson and had many questions and promised to read as well. We are so excited to go back and meet with her next week. We have been trying so hard to have a lesson with her and I grateful because Heavenly Father made it happen. 

     And yesterday we met a guy named Kyle who told us he wrestles gators.... WHAT? He is for real. I only asked him 3 times if he was joking with me. He wasn't. Super cool. The people we meet while knocking on doors. This time he only broke 2 fingers while doing it. Also the crazy rumors people have heard. Who invents these. It is a crazy world.  

     We have seen many tender mercies while working with those who once knew the truth and have drifted away. It is amazing to see the light in their eyes. They are stronger than they think they are and when the spirit pierces their hearts it is an amazing thing to see. I love being an instrument in the hands of God. The invitation from Christ is always there to come just as a hen gathers her chickens.
     I really liked something that we talked about in one of our meetings. We talked about being real. Putting away the fear and the pride and being vulnerable. Letting the scars show. That is how Christ is and was. He opens his heart to let people in. We watched one of the daily bread things on Mormon Channel and I think it is Elder Christofferson he says I am content with daily help, just let it take what it takes. The greater blessing is to have to walk through it with him. With his atonement I become a different person. I love that. We don't need to worry about more than one day at a time. When wandering in the wilderness they got enough manna for just one day. We can walk through this with Christ and overcome our weaknesses trials and set backs and recognize he is making us into a better person one that we can not comprehend and we are his child. I feel that and know that. I am his daughter and I am eternally grateful for what I can become. 

     Well I think that is all for this week! I love you all and hope that all is well. You are in my prayers. Laugh often and seek for the good in all things. 
Love Sister Weeks (Rachel)

(I have to feed the missionaries today and I asked if I should give them dessert and she said "NO"  We get way to much sugar.  I asked for suggestions and what to feed them and she said "don't feed them spaghetti, pizza, lasagna or tacos. And you should be good"  I guess she has gotten way too much of that and wanted to spare them.  None of those are ever my plan so I guess we are good.  It's usually chicken of some kind at my house.)

Monday, October 6, 2014

I can go the distance

Hola mi familia!

     Haha I'm back to Spanish we knocked an apartment complex this week where I had to whip out my rusty Spanish. Yikes. I totally need to practice more it was a good refresher though. They are amused talking to me and always nice though. We met some really nice people. 

     This week on Tuesday we packed a lunch since we didn't have enough miles to go back to our apartment and we were just sitting in the parking lot since the weather has cooled down quite a bit. We were going to leave because a spider crawled in my lunch, but had a couple more minutes of lunch so we were sitting in the car for a couple minutes. A lady pulled up and asked us if we had an extra Book of Mormon and I told her she was asking the right people. Sister Haderlie went to fetch one from the trunk and I asked her, her name and she asked if we were going to hunt her down. I told her I was pretty sure my skills weren't THAT good. But she told us and it turns out that she lives in our neighborhood and she has been less active for many years. And through some miraculous experiences knows that this is where God wants her. We got to meet with her and she wants to start to get back on the path that will lead her closer to Christ. It was amazing just the opportunity we had to testify and how all the circumstances lined up for us to be able to meet her. We almost left but Heavenly Father was aware of her and her needs. 

     We were knocking doors pretty late on Thursday night after an appointment had fallen through we prayed to know where we should be and decided to go and visit a potential and tract around her. We met a lady named Stephanie. She didn't feel well so she just invited us right in. It turns out that her best friend who moved away a couple years ago is a member of the church and she has been out to Utah to visit her before. She has been to church and recognized feeling the spirit there. She is very open and said that we can come back and talk to her! 

     Pretty much all week this week I have just been excited for conference and I couldn't contain my excitement  ha ha I may have jumped up and down from excitement on Saturday morning. It was the best. :)
     I was just in awe of everything that they had to say all of the inspirited words and really all the answers to prayers that I got. It was like a smack down. Boom. Evaluate yourselves and come unto Christ. I loved one particular quote from Carlos A. Godoy (the one who spoke in Portuguese) I am paraphrasing of course he said Just because things are going well doesn't mean that from time to time we need to consider if there is something better. I LOVED that. Self evaluation is good and that is how we find the best out of all the good things in life and become more like our Savior. And then I really liked Elder Jorg Klebingat's talk. Man it was so powerful and hit me right in the heart. It answered a lot of my prayers. I loved how he talked about confidence and weaknesses and the Atonement. That is something I have been wanting to understand better. His six steps to gaining greater spiritual confidence were so perfect. I loved he said "I understand Lord this is a time to prove myself isn't it" What a great way to look at trials and set backs. And then his final statements about the Atonement just brought it home. Acknowledge and face your weaknesses but don't be immobilized by them. The Saviors Atonement envelopes and follows you where ever you go. So perfect. I can't wait to study it more but I think it hit me more during that talk that Jesus Christ is our Savior Redeemer and Friend. He knows us personally and we can know him personally as well. That is a solid eternal truth. 

     And... he was dressed well so taking advice from a well dressed General Authority ha ha. Not to bad. Totally kidding. :)

     Well I am excited to continue on the the work of the Lord and "treasure up the words of life continually" Knowledge is power. I am grateful for all the knowledge that the Lord has blessed me with through his spirit. I hope you have a great week you are in my prayers. Te quiero mucho mi familia!
Love Sister Weeks (Rachel)
Silly sad girl and her mustache.

I guess this is the happy mustache.