Monday, October 6, 2014

I can go the distance

Hola mi familia!

     Haha I'm back to Spanish we knocked an apartment complex this week where I had to whip out my rusty Spanish. Yikes. I totally need to practice more it was a good refresher though. They are amused talking to me and always nice though. We met some really nice people. 

     This week on Tuesday we packed a lunch since we didn't have enough miles to go back to our apartment and we were just sitting in the parking lot since the weather has cooled down quite a bit. We were going to leave because a spider crawled in my lunch, but had a couple more minutes of lunch so we were sitting in the car for a couple minutes. A lady pulled up and asked us if we had an extra Book of Mormon and I told her she was asking the right people. Sister Haderlie went to fetch one from the trunk and I asked her, her name and she asked if we were going to hunt her down. I told her I was pretty sure my skills weren't THAT good. But she told us and it turns out that she lives in our neighborhood and she has been less active for many years. And through some miraculous experiences knows that this is where God wants her. We got to meet with her and she wants to start to get back on the path that will lead her closer to Christ. It was amazing just the opportunity we had to testify and how all the circumstances lined up for us to be able to meet her. We almost left but Heavenly Father was aware of her and her needs. 

     We were knocking doors pretty late on Thursday night after an appointment had fallen through we prayed to know where we should be and decided to go and visit a potential and tract around her. We met a lady named Stephanie. She didn't feel well so she just invited us right in. It turns out that her best friend who moved away a couple years ago is a member of the church and she has been out to Utah to visit her before. She has been to church and recognized feeling the spirit there. She is very open and said that we can come back and talk to her! 

     Pretty much all week this week I have just been excited for conference and I couldn't contain my excitement  ha ha I may have jumped up and down from excitement on Saturday morning. It was the best. :)
     I was just in awe of everything that they had to say all of the inspirited words and really all the answers to prayers that I got. It was like a smack down. Boom. Evaluate yourselves and come unto Christ. I loved one particular quote from Carlos A. Godoy (the one who spoke in Portuguese) I am paraphrasing of course he said Just because things are going well doesn't mean that from time to time we need to consider if there is something better. I LOVED that. Self evaluation is good and that is how we find the best out of all the good things in life and become more like our Savior. And then I really liked Elder Jorg Klebingat's talk. Man it was so powerful and hit me right in the heart. It answered a lot of my prayers. I loved how he talked about confidence and weaknesses and the Atonement. That is something I have been wanting to understand better. His six steps to gaining greater spiritual confidence were so perfect. I loved he said "I understand Lord this is a time to prove myself isn't it" What a great way to look at trials and set backs. And then his final statements about the Atonement just brought it home. Acknowledge and face your weaknesses but don't be immobilized by them. The Saviors Atonement envelopes and follows you where ever you go. So perfect. I can't wait to study it more but I think it hit me more during that talk that Jesus Christ is our Savior Redeemer and Friend. He knows us personally and we can know him personally as well. That is a solid eternal truth. 

     And... he was dressed well so taking advice from a well dressed General Authority ha ha. Not to bad. Totally kidding. :)

     Well I am excited to continue on the the work of the Lord and "treasure up the words of life continually" Knowledge is power. I am grateful for all the knowledge that the Lord has blessed me with through his spirit. I hope you have a great week you are in my prayers. Te quiero mucho mi familia!
Love Sister Weeks (Rachel)
Silly sad girl and her mustache.

I guess this is the happy mustache.

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