Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Let the scars show.......And be a gator Wrestler

Hola familia y amigos! 

     Well it was a pretty good week. Once again I have gotten to practice with Spanish. We have been calling a lot of people to set up appointment and we have found a lot of disconnected and wrong numbers several of those who spoke Spanish. So in a jiffy I taught myself how to ask, " May I speak with... " haha. Too funny. Also I am becoming very familiar with the phrase "No intiendo repeat that please". It is a work in progress I definitely need to learn some more. It always catches me by surprise when they answer the door. But I like it. The spirit truly does speak all languages. 

     We had Preparation day changed to today (Tues) because holidays always seem to be on Mondays. ay ay ay. But it is okay because I made it through the week that was a day longer this time. Yesterday we had district meeting and our district leader and his companion thought it would be a great idea to have district meeting outside.... In Georgia. Where it is humid and all our things get moist and wrinkly because of the humidity and mist that was floating around in the air because it was not really raining but kinda. So I was freezing and my teeth were chattering. It was in the 60's but when it is humid and you get cold like me. No es bueno! haha. I had to borrow a coat. So by the end we were all soggy including our stuff, and we decided to sing the song opera style. And that's how we roll. 

     We had an amazing lesson with a lady named Anna this week. She is from the Dominican Republic and super cute. She even cooked us dinner. We brought a member who taught a lot of people on her mission from there so they could relate easily and the lesson was amazing. We got to talk to her about the Book of Mormon and the great blessing it is. How it helps our faith and confidence in God grow as well as knowing that he love all of his children everywhere. He son Alex even sat through the lesson and had many questions and promised to read as well. We are so excited to go back and meet with her next week. We have been trying so hard to have a lesson with her and I grateful because Heavenly Father made it happen. 

     And yesterday we met a guy named Kyle who told us he wrestles gators.... WHAT? He is for real. I only asked him 3 times if he was joking with me. He wasn't. Super cool. The people we meet while knocking on doors. This time he only broke 2 fingers while doing it. Also the crazy rumors people have heard. Who invents these. It is a crazy world.  

     We have seen many tender mercies while working with those who once knew the truth and have drifted away. It is amazing to see the light in their eyes. They are stronger than they think they are and when the spirit pierces their hearts it is an amazing thing to see. I love being an instrument in the hands of God. The invitation from Christ is always there to come just as a hen gathers her chickens.
     I really liked something that we talked about in one of our meetings. We talked about being real. Putting away the fear and the pride and being vulnerable. Letting the scars show. That is how Christ is and was. He opens his heart to let people in. We watched one of the daily bread things on Mormon Channel and I think it is Elder Christofferson he says I am content with daily help, just let it take what it takes. The greater blessing is to have to walk through it with him. With his atonement I become a different person. I love that. We don't need to worry about more than one day at a time. When wandering in the wilderness they got enough manna for just one day. We can walk through this with Christ and overcome our weaknesses trials and set backs and recognize he is making us into a better person one that we can not comprehend and we are his child. I feel that and know that. I am his daughter and I am eternally grateful for what I can become. 

     Well I think that is all for this week! I love you all and hope that all is well. You are in my prayers. Laugh often and seek for the good in all things. 
Love Sister Weeks (Rachel)

(I have to feed the missionaries today and I asked if I should give them dessert and she said "NO"  We get way to much sugar.  I asked for suggestions and what to feed them and she said "don't feed them spaghetti, pizza, lasagna or tacos. And you should be good"  I guess she has gotten way too much of that and wanted to spare them.  None of those are ever my plan so I guess we are good.  It's usually chicken of some kind at my house.)

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