Monday, October 27, 2014

Like a Boss! Nailed it!

Hey there!

     It has been a crazy week this week, but a good one. It started off with Monday of course and Mom was asking me about food. I told her that I will try everything at least a couple times, except corn. Anyone who knows me knows that I do not like corn and I haven't for a long time. Well I had to eat my words and some corn. We had it at some members house and they just served us so obviously I had to eat it. For most of the meal the corn and I were having a staring match, for a second there I thought it was going to eat me! But I finally mustered up the courage to take a bite. BLECH. It was not any better than I expected so I slathered it with butter to try to mask the taste and I don't even like butter that much. Well that didn't help so then I put salt on it, tasted - eww, more salt. That was some really salty, slimy,  piece of corn. Bite swallow bite swallow. And I did it like a BOSS! Under the table I gave Sister Haderlie a fist bump. NAILED IT.  Do you recognize me? Probably not, I would have never done that before. 

     Also I can't remember if I informed you a couple weeks ago.... you will never guess who I met. Well maybe you will I am in Georgia. I met a lady named Miss Eugenia. If you don't understand the reference ask Mom. ha ha. She was sweet, very baptist, and I'm sure very nosy. But I didn't ask so...  (There are some books written by Betsy Brannon Greene that have a delightful character in named Miss Eugenia and the books are based in Georgia.  They are wonderful books that we just love.  I keep asking her if she has met her yet.)

     Last night we had a little surprise.  First the Assistants texted us, and they never just text any one for funsies, so we knew something was up. Then as I was writing in my journal the phone started ringing and it was PRESIDENT BENNION. Aaaahhh. When the President calls you know something is up. He called to tell us that my companion is getting transferred.   She is getting the good ole six week shaft to Grayson and that I am going to be companions with one of the other Sisters in the ward Sister Chapman.  We were in the MTC together. They are taking out the other set of sisters, so now there is just going to be one set of elders and a set of sisters in the ward.  We are just going to combine our efforts, it will be interesting. I am really excited for it though it should be lots of fun. We have been on  an exchange together before and we had a blast!  (What she did not say is the other set of missionaries in the ward were the STL's and they asked her to be a new STL with Sister Chapman and then their companions were being transferred someplace else and they will combine the two areas.  There were three set of missionaries in the Woodstock ward she is in.  Her companion Sister Haderlie will go home next transfer.)

     We got to go and walk around the temple grounds this week. It was AMAZING. I had never had the opportunity to see it before but it was a glorious vision and rejuvenated my spirits. It was just what I needed!  About a million pictures later I'm sure that I will never forget the experience. :) And of course they include some super cliche sister missionary pictures but what can I say. It really just had to happen. (Her companion had a Dr. appt. and they had to drive past the temple to get to it.  They were given permission to stop and take some pictures and walk around briefly.  She was very excited about that.  The whole mission will get to go to the temple at Christmas time and she is really excited about doing that.)

      I have been studying a talk lately that I absolutely love. I have talked about it before but it is just the absolute best. It is called the 4th missionary. There is one part in there that I really like.  I don't have it with me so I can't quote it exactly, but he say something to the effect of "to realize our amazing, inspiring potential we must put ourselves in the Lords hands.  You and only you can do that.   Our will is the only thing that he doesn't have." I can't quite remember but that is pretty close. He states perfectly a concept that is in Matthew 16:25 to find ourselves and come to our highest potential we have to put ourselves in the Lords loving and caring hands. Elder Holland says too "Though we may feel we are “like a broken vessel,” as the Psalmist says,  we must remember, that vessel is in the hands of the divine potter." He is constantly molding and shaping us and we are discovering who we are and what we can become through his mercy, grace, and love. 

     We have had many other great experiences this week from teaching a lesson to someone we definitely thought spoke more English than they did. So we called in the reinforcements... the Spanish Elders. ha ha. Also we had a lesson with Sharece and her nephew Robert. Her Mom was offended by some church members in the past and told her not to come to church. So we are trying to work through her concerns, but she likes us coming over so we are just going to let the spirit reel her in. :)

      Well I think that is all for this week.  I love you all and hope that all is well.  You are in my prayers!


Love Sister Weeks (Rachel)

Atlanta Georgia Temple

Sister Haderlie in front of temple.

Sister Haderlie's Grandma sent a huge Halloween box to share.   How cute!

Rachel and Sister Haderlie in front of temple.

Sisters Haderlie and Weeks  at the temple looking around and taking pictures.

Sister Weeks in front of the temple.  She said "Soak in the cheesyness it just had to be done."

Once again picture with mouth open.  Good thing the flies aren't too thick.

Sister Haderlie with box that her grandma sent them for Halloween.  Looks like fun stuff!
Atlanta Temple
Flowers at the temple.

Sister Haderlie joins in on the cheesy photos at the temple.

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