Monday, October 20, 2014

Missionaries do help people :)

Hey there family!

     We had some pretty amazing things happen this week. We have been working with a member that hasn't been to church in a lot of years and she told us after she came to the relief society activity that she was going to sneak into sacrament meeting and then sneak back out.  She came to church on Sunday and later she said that she wants to stay for all of it this next week. I have done nothing in all of this, though Heavenly Father has been softening her heart for years and getting her in a place so she would accept it back into her heart. She has been studying daily trying to find what is truth. That is an invitation that is amazing to extend to all that we do everyday. Why do we believe this? Why am I knocking on your door? Well read, ponder, study and ask God. He WILL tell you. I have felt it and know it. If you don't know, experiment he can tell you the truth of all things through his spirit. 

      Since I arrived in the Woodstock area we have been knocking on a door of a less active member and we meet someone different every time and never the person we are looking for, but we have kept going back. Finally we met the Mom and her daughter Bridget and Sharece. Sharece was offended by somethings that happened and hasn't been back since.  We just talked about the promises that we made at baptism and how when we fulfill our part then we can feel forgiveness and receive forgiveness. She has a nephew, Robert, that she is taking care of who we had met previously when he was locked out of the house after school and she said well I want to be baptized and I want him to as well. We are so excited to go teach them this week. It was amazing her change from the I don't like your church anymore to wanting to know if we could come back.

      This week I was studying about the Prayer of faith in Preach my Gospel and also where I am reading in the Book of Mormon it talks a lot about mighty prayers and them being answered. And it really stuck out to me this time and prompted me to learn more about it. I came across a verse in Romans 8 that I love. I had read it before but it hit me this time a little bit more than before. Verse 26 it says "Likewise the Spirit also helpeth our infirmities: for we know not what we should pray for as we ought: but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us with groanings (sighings) which cannot be uttered." The way we can feel the Atonement is the spirit acts as a "cleansing agent to purify a person from all sin or weaknesses or imperfections or infirmities" Through the prayers of faith where the spirit guides us what to pray for and then we receive more help than is imaginable. I have been feeling and understanding that more and more. Through the spirit we can become pure even as HE is pure. Sanctified. The prayer of faith is something that really does matter. (D&C 42:14) 

      As we were praying about places that we could tract this week we thought of a certain place and I was in charge of the area because we were on exchange. It was getting pretty dark but I still wanted to knock a couple more doors. I told Sister Davis okay a few more and if no one is answering still we still stop. The last one we met a man named Rafael, who has a Book of Mormon and used to take lessons from the missionaries and go to church in Rosewell. He said he wants to start learning again and we get to go back this week. We almost gave up because no one was answering but we found someone who we got to bare testimony to.  He is from Mexico so that is pretty sweet. :)

       This week we went and helped with seminary and played the adversary while they were doing a scripture mastery challenge where they were trying to thread something on a string and they wanted us to get them with Nerf guns and spray bottles with fans on. ha ha the mists of darkness. And one of the youth said I thought missionaries were supposed to help people. ha ha. In any other circumstance we do I promise. 

      Well I think that is all for this week. I hope all is well you are in my prayers! Love you bye!

Love Sister Weeks

The day we had district meeting outside.

Missionaries with swords defending Truth and Righteousness.  I am guessing this is Zone Meeting With Pres and Sister Bennion.

On Exchange with Sister Davis.  Don't look at my hair I just took it out.

Sister Weeks and Sister Haderlie in the car.

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