Monday, November 24, 2014

Grateful in any circumstance

Hey there family!

     It was such a good week here in Georgia. Yesterday it was pourin like Pahoran. haha but we made it about 2 inches of pretty cold rain. Good thing we had church and appointments so we got to avoid it for the most part. 

     So we met with Jervy again this week she is amazing. She reads and studies so much and this week we asked her if she had any questions and then she just whips out the pamphlet to the Restoration and the Plan of Salvation and there is an additional study in the back and she had answered all the questions and took notes and looked up scriptures. That is the attitude of someone who has real intent and a true desire to know. They thirst after the knowledge. She is still working for baptism on the 20th and we are so excited for her. She is the cutest. Philippino's are so little. :) 

     This week I went on exchange with Sister Neilsen and at first I was fooled and thought she was super shy and quiet. haha. Nope she is hilarious. We laughed a ton. She is shy around others and it is hard for her to talk to people a lot of the time and oh do I remember that. For a long time it was hard for me to get out of my shell and talk to people and I told her that. She asked my how I got over it and honestly I don't think it was one specific moment but a process over time of changing my nature and that is through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. It is amazing how Heavenly Father puts us in the circumstances he needs us to be in to be instruments in his hands. 

      On Sunday I asked one of the Elders in the ward for a blessing for my knee and the work. The blessing was amazing but it was really different than any blessing I have ever had. It was really specific in a different way. And  it is interesting because the last week I have been studying  a lot about the more specific the question the more specific the answer. That is how revelation is. Never in the blessing did it say it would go away but that I would have the strength, endurance and perseverance to overcome the pain. But I have to put my trust in the Lord. But that I will be able to draw upon the powers of heaven and use the scriptures as a crutch for my strength. The thing that I feel like was emphasized most was Rely on the Lord. Remember his sacrifice and use the Saviors atonement. Let go of my pride. So this morning I was reading a talk from the General Women's meeting called Sharing your light by Niell F. Marriott.  And she has a similar experience about letting go of pride. That is where the vulnerability comes in and that is when I get scared but I love what she said. " I was given a moment of truth. I received a clear impression of my weaknesses, and I was shocked...  I cried out in my heart to Heavenly Father and said, “I don’t want to be that woman, but how do I change?' Through the pure spirit of revelation in the temple, I was taught of my utter need for a Redeemer. I turned immediately to the Savior Jesus Christ in my thoughts and felt my anguish melt away and a great hope spring up in my heart. He was my only hope, and I longed to cling only to Him. It was clear to me that a self-absorbed natural woman “is an enemy to God” and to people in her sphere of influence. In the temple that day I learned it was only through the Atonement of Jesus Christ that my prideful nature could change and that I would be enabled to do good. I felt His love keenly, and I knew He would teach me by the Spirit and change me if I gave my heart to Him, holding back nothing." That is what I am learning.  We can hold back nothing from the Savior if we really want his atonement to envelope us and follow us wherever we go. He is my only hope but I am so grateful that I do have hope. 

     We met with Kate again and it was an amazing experience. We talked a lot about the Atonement as well. She misses church and the spiritual nourishment that she felt but she is so scared to come back. We talked with her about how each and everyone of us has a box. This is where we place all of our hurt, frustrations, trials and things that we feel like we are not strong enough to deal with or confront. But when that happens over a period of years it seems unbearable to open up the box or explore the memories that are locked inside. But we have to find the key and let it be open and use those experiences to learn from and know that we are strong. That key is the Atonement of Jesus Christ. For a long time she has blocked off all of those things and she is still scared but she is getting ready to open the box. Heavenly Father knows exactly what she needs.  It was such an amazing lesson. 

     Happy Thanksgiving! I hope it is a great one filled with lots of gratitude, good memories, and laughter. :) Heavenly Father has given us so many things to be grateful for and our circumstances as well. We have the gift of time to learn and be with our families. That gift extends beyond time and through the eternities and I am grateful for you and all that you have taught me and led me by example.  I appreciate your love, support, and prayers.   I can feel them and the strength that comes from them and it is something I will never forget and that I don't want to take for granted. I am blessed with some pretty amazing people in my life and I wouldn't want to pass up an opportunity to tell you how grateful I am and that you are in my prayers and I love y'all. :) I have told a few of you that but like I said I can't pass up the opportunity to let you know that YOU ARE LOVED and I am grateful for you. 

Have a great week, look for the good, and I love y'all!

Love Sister Weeks (Rachel)

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