Monday, November 10, 2014

Lovest thou me?

Hey there Family!

     It was another crazy week here in Woodstock. We keep thinking that things are going to slow down and we will get a handle on it, but it hasn't happened yet and I don't foresee that in the near future. We are just rolling with it and trying to work our hardest. 

     Sister Chapman strikes again and is still telling stories about her leg. I really have a hard time keeping a straight face. haha. Because it is not like anyone would actually question her on such stories because they don't want to be insensitive. We definitely have fun with it. Of course only in Christlike ways... :)

     This week I got to go on exchange with Sister Summerhays. We came out at the same time. She is a great missionary. I love being able to learn from other sisters and the things that they have leaned.  It is weird that there are so many sisters in our zone that came out with us. We have a party. 

     We visited a less active named Kate. She went on a mission many years ago but has been struggling with knowing when God is talking to her. It was amazing how we just asked a few questions and then she just taught herself. The spirit helped her go where she needed to go to have a personal experience this the spirit. I love that I am just an instrument, but really everything is Heavenly Father and his work.   I don't know how he does it, but he sure can change and soften hearts.

     This week we started teaching the woman I mentioned several weeks ago from the Philippines name Jervy. It was such a good lesson. We happen to have a couple members from the Philippines in our ward and they came to the lesson with us. Sister Asay just had her mother move in with her from the Philippines and she shared her conversion story.  The spirit was so strong! Jervy at the end shared a little about her journey - first Catholic, then Born again Christian and she said all this time there was still something missing. She still has questions. Before she came here she was meeting with missionaries there and then she found out that her husband is a member and through  all that, she knows that God is directing her path to help her learn about the truth that she needs in her life. I love seeing the spirit touch hearts. 

     We went to a meeting this week with President Bennion.  It was amazing! I love being able to just be taught by so many amazing missionaries.  President Bennion is so spiritual and the small setting makes it even better. There were so many things in the meeting that stuck out to me, but I am just going to stick with a few. There was a training given on John 21. In this specific chapter is the exchange between Christ after he is resurrected and Peter. He asks him the questions 3 times "Lovest thou me?" and in response tells him to then "Feed my sheep/lambs." This exchange makes much more sense to me now after watching Elder Hollands talk and learning a little bit more about the background. There are 2 different words in Greek for the word love. The greatest for the Christlike or sacrificial love is called 'agape'.   The second form or brotherly love is philos. So then inserting those words into the story it becomes different. Replacing the word lovest to agape in the first two instances. Then finally in the last one Christ uses philos knowing that at that time, that Peter is not yet capable of that kind of love, but through the rest of his life and his ministry will have to demonstrate that kind of love to all. Christs knows Peters potential in feeding his sheep and Peter feels that and accomplishes many great things. Which brings me to one more scripture in John that another missionary showed me earlier this week. To be able to obtain this kind of Christlike and sacrificial love we must use our heart, might, mind, and strength and in John 3:30 it says:  He must increase, but must decrease. 
This states it perfectly to me. To do it all we must decrease while letting him increase and miracles can happen. It just makes me think. How much do I love the Lord? What am I willing to do for him? Give up the things I love most? I hope so. I am trying. 

     Then yesterday after church we were doing a little bit of tracting. We were deciding where we should go and felt that we should just turn and go to a certain street. The first 10 doors no one answered but we kept going. As we did we talked to 2 amazing people who are seeking. They want a better relationship with Jesus Christ. As we were standing there and sharing the message we just bore testimony that we know we were sent there for a reason. Jay is a single father who is seeking guidance. He has lost some of his relationship with Christ but really wants it back.   Lacretia is a single mother who had just moved there. She has not been able to find the full truth that she is seeking for, but as we were leaving she said I can't wait to read this book (the book of Mormon).  As we were talking she said she had the chills. That is the spirit. The spirit will testify of truth.  It comes unto the hearts of everyone and when he choose it will enter and give us feelings that are unforgettable and undeniable. (2 Nephi 33:1) It was a tender mercy to be there and talk to them yesterday. I needed it just as much as they did. 

     Well I love you all! I hope you have a great week. Be happy and look for the Lords tender mercies. 

Love Sister Weeks (Rachel)
Sister Chapman and Sister Weeks (Rachel)

All the Sisters that are in mission leadership that came out with us that we could find. There may be a few missing...

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