Monday, December 8, 2014

The Power of Peace

Hey there family!

     So this week was so good. :) On Tuesday Sister Bennion came to district meeting with us and then spent the day with us afterwards. She said she wanted to come and learn from us because she is slightly scared of tracting and talking to people and oh brother have I been in those shoes before. So she came to our lessons and tracting and she is amazing. It was so fun to spend the day with her and get to know her a little better. Sister Chapman threw me under the bus and made me play the piano for her....What kind of companion does that? But she threatened to beat me with her leg so I complied. haha Totally kidding but she did throw me under the bus.  I like her a lot and we are excited to stay together for another transfer so pretty much. I ain't even mad. 

      It is amazing being able to use the Christmas initiative that the church has put out called "He is the Gift" that I mentioned last week while we are contacting. It softens peoples hearts so much. I have realized even more this week as we have been talking to people about it one phrase that it says in the video "He IS Christmas" Without him we wouldn't have Christmas we shouldn't focus on the stresses, the presents, and everything else that goes along with it - but focus on what we can give our Savior this year. There really is no other gift that is as precious and meaningful at this time of year  than to focus on Him.

      This week I have been thinking a lot about a quote and a scripture that I really like. So in D&C 6: 21-23 Jesus Christ is talking to Oliver Cowdery who desperately wants an answer to something he is praying about and this is what he tells him. 
 21.Behold, I am Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I am the same that came unto mine own, and mine own received me not. I am the light which shineth in darkness, and the darkness comprehendeth it not.
 22 Verily, verily, I say unto you, if you desire a further witness, cast your mind upon the night that you cried unto me in your heart, that you might know concerning the truth of these things.
 23 Did I not speak peace to your mind concerning the matter? What greater witness can you have than from God?
To me there is so much power in those words. Jesus Christ tells him that there is no greater witness than peace. Even if Christ were to appear to us or an angel we still could not have a greater witness than peace because nothing can take the place of faith and it's impact in our lives. So there is a quote by Elder Cook he said, "We know that no unclean thing can dwell in the presence of God, but no unchanged thing will want too." With out that witness of peace that truly changes us, not just our behavior but our very nature, to become like him we could not stand in his presence so there truly is not greater witness that we can have than peace. We can be changed so we can stand in the presence of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and let him know I felt the peace, I changed, I became and I did my best. That helps me to remember the peaceful times they are much more important than we often realize.

     This week I went on exchange with Sister Jones.  She is in the other set of Sister Training leaders in the zone and it was so fun! She is hilarious and such a good missionary. Her drive to work hard and the power she has in her testimony is amazing. Truly she is a determined person, I learned a lot from her and how well she is able to talk to people. Learning everyday. :) 

     Sister Bennion is very talented musically and so she has put together a mission choir and they are doing a fireside for Christmas and of course I am terrible at singing so I am not in it, but I had to go to the practice because Sister Chapman is in it.  So I just sat and watched. Nobody wants to hear me up there singing in the choir. Bad news. The stereo type the sister missionaries are all good at singing is way off the charts wrong on that one. haha. 

     This week when we me with Tracy we have a change in our lesson with her from how they usually are. We have been praying that her heart would be changed and softened because right now she hasn't had the desire to take much action. But yesterday I included her in my fast and she was asking questions and thinking and listening a lot more. Heavenly Father really can soften hearts and change things. It is the greatest miracle of all. :)

      I love our ward mission leader and his wife. They are the cutest ever. They did a little birthday dinner for Sister Chapman last night and it was soo good. It may have had something to do with I was starving and it was fast Sunday, but I would have loved it anyway. Good ole potatoes. Whose the Idaho girl? OH OHHHHHHHH! They help out so much. 

      Well that is it for this week. Jervy is still scheduled to be baptized for the 27th but she was out of town all this week so we are going over there in a couple days when they get back in. Have a great week you are in my prayers!

K love you bye!

Love Sister Weeks (Rachel)
Marietta Zone Conference

Sister Smith and Rachel - one of the Sisters in the zone.

Sister Summerhays and Sister Weeks

Sister Chapman and Sister Weeks with Sister Bennion the Presidents wife.  She went out with them for the day.

Another shot of Thanksgiving dinner I missed from earlier.
Sisters eating at Zone Conference.  They look happy

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