Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Uninvited dinner guests and a little game of baseball

Hey there family!

     Well I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I know that I did except that people here in the south think that a can of yams with toasted marshmallows on top is sweet potato pie. I don't know why they think that is acceptable but it just isn't. I am currently looking for recruits for who can make the real kind. I'll update you on how it goes. :)

     This week I went on exchange with Sister Stout. Sister Stout is a great missionary she came with me to Woodstock and we had a great time. I learned a lot from her quiet example and strong testimony. She is training another Sister right now and doing a great job. We went after zone conference. Zone conference was so good. It is great to be spiritually edified and uplifted. There are several  missionaries in our zone that are going home next transfer and it is always sad to see them go, but it is amazing what can take place in a person after a lot of refining and changing of natures. Their testimonies are powerful and they are instruments in the hands of God. Many things are learned from the experience of serving the Lord and it is unforgettable. No regrets. Life changing.

      This week I am I am giving a training in district meeting again. Apparently I need to learn a lot of things because I keep getting called on. :) So it is about a talk by Bruce R McConkie called "The Purifying Power of Gethsemane" I love how he starts with saying that he may sound like he is quoting someone else but these are his own words. Words that the Holy spirit has borne witness to him that they are true. I know that we can all have that same witness and surety but we must be invested in the cause. He describes in detail the intense suffering and humiliation that he went through. And the very instant when all of us would turn inward and focus on our own struggles he helps and forgives others. But even Christ a God collapsed with the weight of it all carrying his own cross up the hill. It is the most basic principle yet it is the least understood. He says: "Many of us have a superficial knowledge and rely upon the Lord and his goodness to see us through the trials and perils of life. But if we are to have faith like Enoch and Elijah we must believe what they believed, know what they knew, and live as they lived. May I invite you to join with me in gaining a sound and sure knowledge of the Atonement. We must cast aside the philosophies of men and the wisdom of the wise and hearken to that Spirit which is given to us to guide us into all truth. We must search the scriptures, accepting them as the mind and will and voice of the Lord and the very power of God unto salvation. As we read, ponder, and pray, there will come into our minds a view of the three gardens of God—the Garden of Eden, the Garden of Gethsemane, and the Garden of the Empty Tomb where Jesus appeared to Mary Magdalene."  We can gain a witness of our very own of the Divinity of the Living Son of a Living God. They love us and desire to give us our very own witness if we are only willing.

     We had a great Thanksgiving! We ate with the Beatty's and all of their family as well as our ward mission leader and his wife, the Hekkings came to their house as well. It was a blast so many kids running around - I felt right at home. Well I would have if there was sweet potato pie. :) The kids wanted us to play baseball with them and since Sister Chapman is a elementary PE teacher that was right up her alley and she played in her skirt and beat the "boys team" which included Brother Hekking. haha. It was perfect and hilarious. Why I didn't have my camera out? I have no idea. Lame. I think a reenactment is in order.

     Last Sunday we met a member of the Spanish branch that is from Venezuela so she invited us over for dinner, she has a granddaughter that is struggling. It was so good they don't eat spicy food so I LOVED it. :) I was loving it until I was about finished a I looked on my plate to find a nice surprise a roach on my plate joining me for dinner. I don't know who invited him but I uninvited him real quick. Greensboro taught me many things and how to deal with roaches is one of them. Sister Chapman is terrified literally and I didn't know if she was going to make it out alive but we did and still got to bear testimony and help comfort her.

     We even got to meet with Jervy again this week. It is amazing the knowledge that she yearns for. When we are talking she takes notes and studies like crazy I think that I could take a few lessons from her. Her enthusiasm is contagious. And she is the cutest little thing ever. Her husband is a member but has fallen away in recent years but she is the motivating factor in getting him involved again.

     This week the church introduced a new Christmas initiative that they are starting called "He is the Gift" It is about Christ being the real meaning of Christmas. He is the ultimate gift that our Heavenly Father has given us. Lets make this a great Christmas season and focus on what really matters. The Son of God who lived and died for us so that we may life and find the ultimate peace and happiness. If you haven't already you should watch the video I promise it will bring the spirit into your life. Discover the gift. Embrace the gift. #sharethegift Share it with everyone you love and tell them how much He means to you! :)
Here's the video:

     Well that is all for this week. Hope all is well and that your Thanksgiving was fantastic. Love you and you are in my prayers!

K love you bye!
Love Sister Weeks

Zone Conference picture

Thanksgiving with the Beatty's - Thanks to sister Beatty for the photo!

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