Monday, January 12, 2015

Ancestors hear my prayers...

Hey there family!

     So this week was kinda nuts. Humid cold is something completely different and I hope you never have to experience it when it is windy and about 18 degrees outside. YUCK. And if you have I have all too much empathy for you. We had little hotties (hand warmers) and they were totally my saving grace this week. We were holding onto them for dear life. #thestruggleisreal But we survived it and drank lots of hot chocolate. hmmm. :) That is one my favorite things so I ain't even mad. Shout out to Amanda's Christmas present... oh how my family knows me. 

      So once upon a time in interviews with President Bennion he told me to get on white pages and to look up anyone who has the same last name as me in Woodstock. Knock on their doors, share with them family history, ask if we could be related, and then share the Plan of Salvation and then find new investigators. So we have been doing that this week and while we were at a members house they said Sisters that is a little creepy... Why did we not realize this before - well because we are missionaries and will do anything to save souls...haha. And in the process we have got the cops called on us (by their neighbor not our relative) and met a nice Latin family from Mexico that we are obviously not related to.  On that note we have been family history tracting this week and we got to look up a little bit of our own. It is amazing!  I have repented for not being that interested before. I have learned that where we came from is just as important as where we are going. It is all part of Gods plan. We have seen some pretty great miracles from it and we have several appointments to go back and talk with people about their ancestors. Alma 13:24 The angels are helping us declare the Lords word and gospel.

      Also we were saying a prayer before trying someone and it was my turn so instead of praying I sang "Ancestors hear my prayers..." haha it was hilarious and of course then I prayed. There may or may not have been a lot of Mulan jokes flying around this week.  "Dishonor on you, dishonor on your cow, dishonor on your whole family..." :) I hope you know what I'm talking about if you don't it has been way to long since you have seen Mulan. "That was close... no that was vile..." hehe

      I have been thinking a lot this week about "mighty prayers" it uses that phrase a lot in the Book of Mormon and there is a section in Preach My Gospel on Praying with Faith. In both places it emphasizes the importance of it when it speaks about mighty prayers in the Book of Mormon. For example, like with the brother of Jared or Enos when they pray mightily.  With the kind of faith they exercise they have revelatory experiences and their prayers are answered in miraculous and special ways. They witness miracles. I was looking back on some notes and I found a question that my MTC teacher had asked us. "When was the last time you allowed yourself to have a revelatory experience while praying or studying the scriptures?" And it hit me again. Do I put every last ounce of strength and energy that I have in my prayers at the end of the night or do I not allow myself to have revelatory experiences while praying. If I am not having those experiences it is my fault. So then as I was studying it and pondering about it the zone leaders called a couple days later and asked us to give a training on exactly that. Heavenly Fathers timing is perfect...haha. He knew what I needed. Mighty prayers receive mighty answers.  I know that the more specific the question, the more specific the answer.

     Well Jervy is still searching and we had a great experience in the lesson with her this week. In the past when we have brought members over her husband has left the room.  Our team up cancelled this week and last and he stayed and helped us teach the lesson even though he has been less active for many years. She was understanding better and the spirit was strong. So we are going to use that for all it is worth. It will be no time if they are unified. He is helping her learn and gaining his testimony back. The Lord works in mysterious ways. :)

     It was a great week even though we were tracting in the cold. :)  I got to go on exchange with Sister Hanks who serves in Kennesaw and she is from the promised land aka Logan, Utah and loves Utah State too. Utah State hey Aggies all the way. It was fantastic she hasn't been out very long but it a cute sister. She is a very loving person. Once again I am so glad I have the opportunity to learn from others.

     I hope you have a great week. You are in my prayers. Laugh always and find joy in all things! :)

K love you bye!

Love Sister Weeks (Rachel)

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