Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Refiner of Silver

Hey there family!

         Well how is it going? It has been a crazy week. So here it goes this is going to have to be the quick rundown I still have lots to do... oh yeah like packing? Who needs that? Am I packed yet? Absolutely not. I am getting transferred to Milton, GA. Which is called Milton Millionaires - with lots of rich people. Get ready for some pretty sweet pictures. My new companion is Sister Castleton and I have no idea anything about the area so stay tuned for the adventures that are ahead. I am excited. :) On Sunday night President called and released me and told me I was getting transferred, but said he wasn't going to tell me where I was going so I had to wait until Monday morning. Ay ay ay. haha. 
         This week I went on exchange twice. Once with Sister Sanders who serves on the college campus. She came with me to Woodstock. She has never really done much tracting before so she was a little nervous but she did great. On campus they just walk up and talk to people. I think I like tracting more. haha. It seems intimidating to me. They call that contacting. She is a great missionary she has been out for about 6 months and is doing fantastic she has such a positive attitude and faith in the Lords work. Then I went on exchange with Sister Jones. She is in the other companionship of STL's in our zone and we have gone on exchange before. It was lots of fun. She is absolutely hilarious. I loved it. :) She told me she wants me to be her therapist... yeah... haha.
         We had a miracle this week. On Tuesday we were tracting in the rain at an apartment complex and we knocked on the door of one of the maintenance guys and he told us we weren't allowed to be there and to leave. But did we listen? Sure didn't. We knocked the next door and met a woman named Brittani. We told her we were Christ's representatives and asked if we could come in and leave his peace and blessings ( a prayer we use as a finding tool) and she let us right in. After the prayer the spirit was so strong and she opened up to us about how her Mom passed away a couple years ago and that with us showing up it helped her to recognize that her relationship with God has been suffering and she said we could come back. :)
          As I was reading this morning in 1 Nephi there were two verses that really stuck out to me. The first one is 1 Nephi 20:10 "For, behold, I have refined thee, I have chosen thee in the furnace of affliction" I love that because it reminds me of a talk I heard called the Refiner of Silver. In the talk they were asking someone whose job it is to refine and purify silver and they asked how it was done. He said that they hold it in the middle of the most intense heat to get rid of all the impurities and he is the one who has to hold it there. Then they asked him how he knew when it was completely pure his response was "oh that is easy, when I can see my reflection in it" I love it. Just thinking of that it gives me chills. It takes me to a verse in Alma 5:14 when he says "is his image in your countenances?" That question is much more piercing with that image in mind. If you are being refined by going through trials and becoming better his image becomes stronger. The last scripture in 1 Nephi 21:16 "Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands..." We are a part of him and he remembers us when he looks at his hands. It was just a realization again of how much Christ cares, loves and thinks about us. And am I doing what I can to have his image in my countenance? Is his reflection there? I know that everyone can have that opportunity. He is our Savior AND Redeemer. One day every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that HE IS THE CHRIST. And I Sister Rachel Weeks will not deny the Christ. 
         Jervy is still doing well. She has some concerns that are holding her back but she is amazing. Out of the many people I have met in Georgia I can honestly say that the words honest humble seeker of truth describe her. Her desire to understand what God wants her to do is amazing. She literally takes notes in our lessons and at church too. There was a stake relief society conference and she came and was taking notes there too. She is amazing. One day she will get baptized. God has been preparing her.
         Well I think that is all for this week. I hope you have a great week. Be happy and stay safe and warm. You are in my prayers. Remember Christ's love and his sacrifice. 

K love you bye!

Love Sister Weeks (Rachel)

    Yesterday was a holiday so p-day was pushed to today.  It is always great to hear from her. Her travel flight plans came today!  I am a wee bit excited.  Can't wait until April 16th.  She does not want to think about it at all so we never mention or talk about it.  She is nervous to come back and join the world and have to make decisions again.  She is doing well and is happy and loving the work.  Transfers are Wednesday so she will be off on a new adventure with a new companion and a new area.  She will be the designated driver and she is not thrilled about that but will be fine.  Thank heavens for GPS!

Rachel in a big chair they found.

Sister Perrins in Big Chair we found.

Sister 's Jones, Weeks, Paulsen, and Perrins at a stake RS Conference. We are the best of friends.

Sister Weeks and Sister Perrins.  Only three weeks as companions.  A record for her.

Woodstock district Jan 2015

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