Tuesday, February 17, 2015

No excuses, No Regrets!

Hey there family!

     This week has been a great week! But also FREEZING. I am currently sitting at the computer in our apartment complex holding a hand warmer. Why I didn't bring my man shirt down here I have no idea. I'll tell you all about our week.... here it goes. Hold on for the ride! 

      I have got some practice on my Spanish this week! One of the recent converts in the ward speaks it and her child's father speaks it as well. We taught him several lessons and we passed him over to the Spanish elders. He is amazing. So ready to hear the gospel. He is always impressed when I can understand what he says. :) Thanks to Melissa and my Mom and some random little books I can piece things together. I can't wait until I can actually speak Spanish. Hopefully that day will come. 

     I got to go on exchange with Sister Rueckert who was in the same MTC district as me. It was so fun we haven't seen each other in a while and we got to catch up. And get this, her very first area was Milton so we visited some of her former investigators and she helped me to get to know a few more people in the ward. She is a lifesaver. It was so great and we laughed and talked way to much. But she is a great missionary, I am so grateful to be able to learn from others and their examples. 

     This week is going to be interesting because, This week our district leader challenged us to get 10 lessons taught to investigators with members present at those lessons. Last week we got a total of 2.... HELP! Any prayers for that would be great. He said that it is a promise from the Lord that if we do we will baptize someone next transfer if we do this and I am not about to argue with the Lord so we are doing everything we can. I really want to reach it but I know it is only possible with the Lords help. So we need all the help we can get especially since we have had several lessons cancel on us. aahhh. I know it can happen though. Promises from the Lord aren't for nothing. 

     Well my spiritual insight for the week is about a quote that I loved from Elder M. Russell Ballard called "Create Success" It is quite long and I don't want to type it out so I will just share a couple of my favorite parts. He talks about our attitude and the difference that it makes in our life. He says don't be a person that complains about everything but "Be a person who can be placed in any calling and in any set of circumstances and be relied on to set things right. Become a creator of circumstances instead of a creature of circumstances." Then he goes onto say that "We each learn that failure and excuses go together, so we must learn to get away from excuses." My motto "NO EXCUSES, NO REGRETS" Then he ends with "Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe it can achieve... WE need to get involved emotionally in our goals." I was reading that we often never achieve our goals because we are not desperate enough to accomplish them. I was listening to the youth theme song this year called embark and the words struck me "We will give what we've been given, Live our lives with faith, lift up those around us and help them on their way. We will live a life of meaning and cherish every step so when we meet our maker there's nothing to regret no matter how far we're not afraid cause love will light the way..." Charity truly never faileth love does light the way and we can with the Lords help create the circumstances where we can be successful. Even when they are difficult we are growing. The two most powerful words I can utter in my prayers are, "change me." it takes courage to do that but it shows the Lord where our heart is and we can achieve what he wants us to. I want no excuses no regrets. I want to love others with all my heart and I am desperate to accomplish the goals we have set inspired by God. I want him to change me. I need lots more of it. 

     If you haven't listened to the son go do it. It is so good. :) So powerful. 

     We had Zone Conference this week as well! The office couples came and it was soo good to see them. They are some of the lasting friendships that I have made here in Georgia. They all go home pretty soon. Elder Residori is the one in charge of the car inspections and I always give him a hard time. :) But they do it anonymously but we WON! Yay. Thank goodness for that. It means that we get extra miles each month. And we worked really hard to clean it too. As in we went to one of those things that clean it for you. :) haha. And Elder Jessen is a jokester. He is the one in the picture that you found on FB. His wife tells me not to laugh at him or tell him he is funny anymore because then she will never get him to stop. I still think it is hilarious. 

     We were teaching this investigator named Ann who is a referral from the other mission and some other missionaries. She insists that she won't go to our building so she drives to another one. But whenever I would talk during lessons she would stare forward like nobody else was in the room. I'm pretty sure that she hates me. So I wrote on a sticky note. She won't listen to me... invite her to be baptized. haha Well she said she would think about it. But then later she called and said she is going back to school so it isn't going to work out. I guess that means no? Well I will miss teaching her and the stuffed animal bear that stares at me from her pocket as we teach. I love my life. :)

     Our investigator Debbie is still doing well! She came to church on Sunday. She really does love it and the Milton ward is doing such a great job at fellow shipping her and her daughter. Every other week a family invites her over to their house for a lesson. It has made the world of a difference in being in a place where the spirit is to teach. She is so close. Prays for her and her daughter Dakota would be great. :) Thank you! 

     Then lastly when we were on exchange Sister Rueckert and I went to lunch with a member and a less active and another girl who just turned in her mission papers. Bianca hasn't been active for a while but has had some humbling experiences that have changed her heart. It was such a great opportunity because we got to teach about the Atonement. She wants to embrace the change and come back. The spirit was so strong as we all had the opportunity to testify to her. 

     Well I think that is all for this week. Thanks for all you do. I appreciate your love support and prayers. I hope that you have a great week! You are in my prayers. 

Love you bye!

Love Sister Weeks (Rachel)

Rachel and others at Zone Conference.

Look at this little beaut. Sister Chapman and I are reunited. We go to district meeting in the same building. Pretty much we are besties for life. :) 

Then next to her is her comp Sister Kafu (she is from Tonga) on the other side from front to back Sister Castleton (my comp) and Then Sister Gerrard and Sister Smith. We went to lunch after district meeting. So much fun! :)

Roswell Zone Conference

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