Monday, March 23, 2015

Time for a bike ride.....Can you feel so now?

Hey there family!

Well  this week was so crazy. So many things happened I don't even know where to start and I am pretty sure the craziness hasn't ended yet... Yesterday we attended a wedding as well. O
ne of the recent converts in the ward. Hopefully her husband gets baptized soon. That is our goal. She told us on Wednesday that she wanted to get married and told me like she just bought a gallon of milk from the grocery store.... So then we thought it was going to be in a little bit the Spanish Elders are working with her now husband and so I texted them while we were in the car with her. Their reaction was priceless. I'm just 20 y'all... I have experienced so many things that I did not expect.... did I sign up for that?? They just got married in the bishops office and afterwards we got stranded at the church for 2 HOURS. OH man oh man. Then our ride finally showed up and when we were about home we got a call from the Elders who were standing in the POURING rain in the parking lot of a Mexican restaurant saying that they got a flat and they couldn't find a ride. So we went and picked up their bikes and put them on our bike rack. Then because of being stranded at the church we were so late for our appointment and dinner We finally made it through the day!

On Saturday night I had a brilliant idea to ride our bikes to Roswell which is 7 miles away... It was so fun! My yellow friend didn't fail on me and we did not get any flats. Yay! Then we did service and then rode back. Making it 14 miles in all.... (that isn't that much for anyone else but I consider it an accomplishment)  Well the next day aka Sunday I thought I was going to be so sore but I woke up and I was fine. My legs didn't hurt at all but sitting on a hard chair at church after a delightful bike seat was um.... well that was sore. haha. The elders called us on the perfect day I had empathy for them because of my sore rear end. There were so many people mad that we rode our bikes.... and I told them the Elders do it everyday and they say "but they are boys" Okay well I am a girl and I can ride a bike. The end. :)

Also for comp study this morning for our role play I taught my comp how to play red light green light.. she had never heard of it before I almost cried.

For District meeting this week since we got a new district our district leader and a couple of the other elders made us an all green breakfast. haha. One of the elders from Brazil who doesn't speak English very well wasn't wearing green and a couple of the elders pinched him and he said I am not Catholic. Not understanding the if you don't wear green part you get pinched. Catholics have a saint for everyday so they don't celebrate them in predominately catholic countries because then they would have a party every day. So we explained to him and he said "oooohhhh I did not know that!" Then he companion who is also from Brazil found out too chased him down to pinch him... We created monsters. hahahaha

 This week Elder Zwick who is a member of the 70 came to  our mission. He met with us and all the ward councils for several stakes on Wednesday night and then on Friday we met with him as missionaries all day long and it was AMAZING. He is such an inspired man. At the end he was bearing his testimony and he said "As a special witness of Jesus Christ I know that he lives..." And as he was saying that I just had the feeling that he has SEEN our Savior Jesus Christ. He is an amazing man and we were stuffed spiritually. His wife talked to us as well and that is what I wanted to talk about. She focused what she said on my favorite chapter in the Book of Mormon Alma 5. It has like 41 deep soul piercing questions. Every time I read it it is like a "check yo-self" moment. She was talking a lot about vs 26 "if ye have experienced a change of heart, and if ye have felt to sing the song of redeeming love, I would ask, can ye feel so now?" This stuck out to me a lot. As we go through life with the trials and hardships receiving the strength of the Lord and witnesses and a change of heart can we feel so everyday? Do we allow our change of heart to continue to take place everyday? The help of heaven is essential for our spiritual life. But we have to acknowledge our dependence on him and allow him into our lives. This is about giving your heart to him. There is a Mayan word that she talked about that I do not know how to spell or say that means "how is your heart?" and she related it to the question "can you feel so now?" I think they are very similar. Never let a moment pass us by where we are not letting the Lord change us and mold us into what he wants us to be. He cannot change us unless we let him. CAN YOU FEEL SO NOW? HOW IS YOUR HEART?

Debbie came to the wedding too and we taught her The Gospel of Jesus Christ this week. She is so close! Pray for her please. And Dakota, Mary and Skylar. Debbie also came to church again this week. There was a young women's fundraiser for girls came and she went around and knocked on doors and asked for donations... Then she called us and told us the she was practicing for our job. She said she told them oh by the way I am not a Mormon yet but I sure love them a lot. haha Oh Debbie. I told her that we could fix that.. They are all so close.

Well I think that is all for this crazy week. Have a great week and y'all are in my prayers!

Love you bye!

Love Sister Weeks (Rachel)

A little easter egg decoration

Lighted fountain

New haircut

The Elders and us with Angela and Guillermo after their wedding.

Rachel and Sister Castleton at the wedding

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