Monday, March 30, 2015

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Hey there family!

     Well I keep saying it was a crazy week and that's because it was and then the next week is still crazy or gets crazier.... so maybe I should just stop saying that. Well I already did this time we'll see what this week brings. 

     On Friday evening we were supposed to have a lesson with Debbie and a couple of our other investigators.  Angela, who is the recent convert who got married last week and her husband Guillermo are the only ones who showed up. We had totally planned a lesson for our other investigators. So we were going to watch the Restoration video I decided that we should just watch it since that was our plan. Sister Castleton and I were whispering trying to figure it out. So we watched it in Spanish because Guillermo understands that better. Afterwards he said he loved all of it and he felt it was true. During dinner, out of no where, he told us they were moving to Orlando on Wednesday. WHAT? So Guillermo said he wanted to be baptized before he leaves. As soon as we left, we called the elders and threw a plan together! So, we had a baptism this week which was crazier than the wedding last week. It was AMAZING! He speaks Spanish better which is why we were team teaching him with the Cumorah Spanish Elders and so the Baptism was half in Spanish and half in English. The best of both worlds. It was the best. It was a good test to see how much I understood. I had to give a musical number.  The Branch President was talking to me afterwards in Spanish and I somehow knew what he said... YAY! The gift of tongues....? Or what he said was really easy to understand. Choose the last one then you'll be right. The baptism didn't start on time of course, because we are Mormons, and not very many of us know what ON TIME means. Guillermo was so happy. It was crazy how it all happened  God definitely has his hands in their lives and continues to work many miracles. We made it through all the craziness of the week. 

     This week I have been thinking about the Easter season. Yesterday at the baptism the Branch President said a baptism on Palm Sunday is the perfect way to start your new life to follow the Savior. The church is doing an Easter initiative very similar to the Christmas one. This one is called "Because He Lives" it is amazing. It talks about how he truly changed EVERYTHING. The people who were distraught at his loss, that seemed so permanent, experienced profound joy and once again as he changed everything. They received a manifestation unlike any other. He lives. He still lives. We are able to receive a similar experiences although it may not be the Savior standing in front of us asking us to gain a greater witness of his divinity through the marks in his hands and feet it comes in the peace that we receive through the spirit daily. "for what greater witness can ye have than peace?" Through his spirit that he left with us we can know who he is, receive help, and guidance and know that He does live. He is always here for us and ready to RUN to our aid. Those dark and along days that the people were waiting were hard.  We often experience those times in our lives but Sunday came. Sunday always will come.  We need not worry he is there. All #becausehelives. Discover, embrace, and share. Watch it and love it!  Here is the link. I LOVE IT. I am so grateful for what I learn about Jesus Christ - his forgiveness, grace, and mercy. Words cannot describe all that he has taught me here in Georgia through these people. But I do know that He lives and because He lives - we will also.

     We also met with Mary. She came to the Women's Broadcast and to church. She is one of the most sincere people I have ever met.  She is so close, if she could get her family to come it will happen in no time. Debbie is in the same situation she loves the church and believes that it is true and it is what she needs for her family, but she is scared to move forward and wants her daughter to be more involved. Please tell me how you get a 14 year old to have a good attitude about church? I haven't quite figured that one out yet. They are doing well though and I am so grateful to see the miracles that happen.

     Well everyone enjoy General Conference this weekend. Be looking for answers to your questions. God always answers, we just have to listen. Have a great week y'all are in my prayers. Happy Easter and remember the one who this season is about.

Love you bye!

Love Sister Weeks

BAPTISM TIME!!! The whole crew:  Bro Hirschi Sister Weeks and Castleton, Angela his wife, Guillermo,  and Elder Jensen and Elder Wood. Notice that they are about 2 feet taller than everyone else. 6 foot 7 inches is a birds eye view. I wonder what that would be like.... 

Bro Hirschi and Guillermo and then Guillermo his son.

Two Guillermo's and two sisters at a baptism.

Sisters Weeks and Castleton after a long day and a baptism.  Very tired but happy!

Sisters in the Marietta Zone after the Women's Conference broadcast.

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