Monday, April 6, 2015

I am a disciple of Jesus Christ

Hey there family!

     Well here is the update for the week in the life of your very own Sister Weeks here in Georgia where they don't actually have peaches that much.... so there goes the Sister Weeks Georgia peach. haha too funny. The secret is out! Well this week was fantastic because of course , it was General Conference. It was amazing. General Conference for me is like opening presents. Except even more exciting than that. 

     Well this week we had some pretty amazing miracles with our investigators and their hearts softening. God is so good in the miracles that he shows us. Our investigator, Mary, talked about how she likes what she is hearing.  She  just wants peace in making her decision, because when she gets baptized she wants to keep that promise forever. It was such a good thing to hear. She really just gets it.  I love to look at her and see how she changes and the questions that she has and her willingness to align her will with Gods will. In church last Sunday we had a lesson on Priesthood blessings and she asked us if she would be able to get one to help her make her decision. Like I said, she really just gets it. 

     Also Debbie this week told us that she knows that the church is true. That The Book of Mormon is true and that..... SHE WANTS TO GET BAPTIZED. It will be in a few months that she is looking at because she really wants her daughter to be baptized with her and she feels that that is a good time table. It is amazing how far she has come in just 6 short months - from being Jewish and not even believing in Christ to accepting him into her life and believing his Gospel is true. If that isn't a testament that he changes hearts and lives and that this is his gospel I don't know what is.

      Easter Conference weekend was absolutely splendid. I LOVED conference like a mentioned. I don't know if I had a favorite talk. There were so many different ones that answered the questions that I had.

      This week I have been thinking a lot about how we live a life of converted discipleship. There were many talks that spoke to me about that. Our mission scripture is 3 Nephi 5:13 and it says "Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ the Son of God. I have been called of Him to declare his word among his people that they might have everlasting life." I was thinking a lot during conference and this week about what that really means. President asks us to repeat it every morning together as a companionship at 9:59. The Lord doesn't require that we serve a lot for a little bit and never do anything else but to keep on trying no matter how many times we get knocked down. I love that one of the talks said "a saint is a sinner who keeps on trying." We have to recognize that others are trying too. It is something that I try to remind myself of. 

     The Atonement and hope that I testify of to people daily is available to all. No matter what circumstance they are in. I think that sometimes we are hardest on ourselves and sometimes the people that are close to us. But we need to extend the same grace and mercy that we preach of to all no matter who they are. Forgive and forget for ourselves. God does and so should we. We should never forget the miracles and signs that we witness.   I love that one talk said to pray for our spiritual eyes to be opened to the mercy and miracles that are all around us. And then lastly I love  when Elder Pearson said "enduring to the end is constantly coming unto Christ and being perfected in him." We must let the Saviors Atonement envelop and follow ALL  of us wherever we go. Love and then accept the grace that is so freely given. I am a disciple of Jesus Christ. He has called me to help his children. And He IS the Son of God. That little verse has so many eternal truths. 

     Well I think that is all for this week. I hope y'all have a great week. You are in my prayers. Remember the Savior in all that you do and reach out and help others in need.

Love you bye!

Love Sister Weeks 

Angela sent me these pictures during the week of the special days

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